Monday, December 19, 2011

Have you ever heard the story...

Of the handyman's house that is never finished/put together/working right?

Well, I suppose, one of the less awesome things about spending the months of September-December up to your elbows in other people's pictures for their Christmas cards - is that you never have time for your own.
I am the photographer that never has her own photos hung/sent to loved ones/printed.

So, Friends and Family, here is your digital Christmas card.

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

He's One. *Sniff*

Where did my baby go? 

Happy Birthday, Holdeezy.  One year later, I can fully say I'm glad you're here.  Your smile lights up the world.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things my dog is afraid of. A running series.

Note the very nice and comfy dog bed right below her. 

*Men with beards.
*Black men with beards, most especially
*Baby gates
*Loud noises
*People standing on their deck while we are on the ground
*Leaves falling off of trees

So far, this is what we know.  I'm sure there will be more.  Hence the "Running series".

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Live action Frogger, anybody?

Saturday was the Hot Chocolate 5/15K race at National Harbor.

To say it was a ClusterF is an understatement.

Quick run-down of why I WON'T ever run this race again:

1. Took us 1.5 hours to make it across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and exit into the harbor.  Which, made us approximately 25 minutes late for our race's staging time.
Just FYI - staging a race with 20,000 people and only one entry point to the venue is a bad idea. 

2. The walk to the start line was 2 miles away from parking.  Not the most inconvenient in itself, the problem was that you had to dodge the 5ker's that were headed the opposite direction on the same SMALL path. 

3. Because of traffic issues that they somehow hadn't forseen (who doesn't see a problem funneling 20k people into one spot?) The 15k was delayed 90 minutes.  In 36 degree weather.  With no shelter to stay warm in.
I actually count myself lucky to have been stuck in traffic.  Because, it was warm.  A couple of friends got there earlier and froze for nearly three hours.  

4. There were too many runners for the course.

The course. 
Only one lane of 210 was shut down.  That's where the Frogger reference comes in.  Because of the small lane, you never had a chance to "stretch out" and actually run.  You were constantly ramming into the back of someone else, or someone was ramming into you.  It was awful.  So, if you wanted to stay away from the runners, you could dodge cars/trucks instead!  Occasionally you'd be pushed out into traffic anyway, because there were just too many people crammed into the lane.  It was pretty dangerous.  While I was lucky and didn't sustain injury, I've heard reports of many people getting injured (I assume from being run over from other runners) and because the road wasn't closed ambulances/aid trucks couldn't get to them.

5. Uhm, where's the chocolate?

Most of the Fondue dippers were already in my belly.  By most, I mean the other two.
Marshmallow and rice crispy treat. 
Oh, that's it?  Maybe, just maybe, that was worth running the 5k.  Not, the 15k.

6. Then we had to hike 2 miles back to the car.

At least I look pretty sexy.  I'm pretty sure my orange arm sleeves and socks kept me from being run over.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That time where we went to Petsmart for fish filters...

... and came home with a dog.

Meet Samantha. It was instant love.  She had a rough life before us.  Puppy mill baby maker, kept in a dog run, and - by the way she shies away from men and loud noises, probably beaten by men.

We've been keeping ourselves open to getting a dog for a few years now.  But, both Hubband and I rescued our dogs growing up and felt it was important to continue rescuing.  There are some breeds I'm dead set against.  There are certain breeds hubband was dead set against. Eventually, we discovered the indomitable bulldog.  Kid friendly, sturdy, and cute... Oh so cute.

We had been checking in with some of the local bulldog rescue organizations, and never found the "one".  As much as I would like to say I could totally take on whatever issues the dog has, because if it's "the one" then it's "the one".  But the fact is I have three little boys, who do - and always will, take first place in my list of priorities.  I know I'm gonna have some haters for that statement, but it's true.  I love my kids more than I love anything else on this planet - including myself.  So taking on a severely disabled dog (which was all that was filtering into the rescues) wasn't in the plan for us.

So, into Petsmart to get some fish filters.  We made note of the adoption fair going on, and decided to check it out.
Hubband said that when "he saw me see Samantha, he knew we'd be going home with a dog".

She is so sweet, something I attribute to, 1. her nature and 2. the many, many litters of puppies she's had.  She's finally getting comfortable here and with us.  Her tail wags near constantly and her ears are always perky.
She's finally adjusting to having to relieve herself outside, versus in a cement dog run.  (Or on my carpet. Gag.) 
She thinks Holdeezy and his penchant for dropping food off of his tray is the best thing in the history of the world.
So, while it pretty much is having a really messy fourth child, we're pretty happy.  My black shirts will never look the same, and she'll never have to worry about being hit, or having puppies again.

It's a good deal.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Vacation slideshow!!!!

Some of LegoLand, (which was, unfortunately, pretty lame), and other random shots that didn't make it in earlier posts.

One of the best breakfasts I've ever had in my life.
Crab Benedict.
I die.  Dead.  Lurve. 

Ran to Tijuana and back a few times.
Ran until I got to this sign, or border patrol stopped me.

Rush hour traffic?
Virginia knows rush hour, and this isn't it. 

If only you know what Kenny was squealing in this picture... 

Our "souvenir" from Legoland.  Mark insisted. 

Happy baby, happy life.
In case you were wondering?
The Ergo is as amazing as they tout. 

"There are just so many birds of prey to sit on in California.  This place is intense."

Why couldn't he love a cute animal?  Why vultures?

Don't eat me!

Artistic ergo shot.  

I'd be concerned, too. 

Legoland at gets it. 

Awkward sideways photo.
One of the few rides you didn't have to pay extra for... 

He seriously loves Darth Vader.

Also, poll - how young is too young to let them watch Star Wars?

Kenny's first fender bender.  Oi...

"I'm a rockstar.  This is my rockstar girlfriend.  Except, that dog is silly.
And my car would be green."

This pretty much sums up the entire park's dilapidation.
The whole place felt dirty and broken.
[That's what she said.]
I also have many more reasons for why I was so disappointed in LL... but if I ever post about it,
it won't be today. 
Thanks San Diego.  We had a great time.