Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finding some time...

I'm going to admit what any mother already knows - I don't have a ton of free time. Owell, "idle hands..." and all that. Over Christmas vacation, while Marks sister and brother were here, we took ten minutes to try and get a couple of portraits done, before it was time for dinner.

Aren't they a handsome bunch?

I have a few more that I'll post, but I haven't finished editing them yet. So, for now, this will do.
(I am LOVING my new lens - in case anyone cares...)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking on the bright side.

Lately the boys have been taking their baths in Mark and I's bathtub. More splash room, deeper tub, and jets all make for a more splendiforous bathtime. Well, this evening we had a pretty close call. One of my flat irons was on the edge of the counter by the bathtub (its normal resting place - it's not supposed to be, but who has time to straighten everything up after every use?) At some point during the time after we pulled Kenny out of the tub, and before Braxton came out, the iron was turned on. As Braxton was getting out he dumped the thing in the tub. I'm thanking God that he wasn't in the water. In case you were wondering what happens to an appliance that is on, when it is dumped in the water, I have photo documentation.

It fries and explodes. No joke. I don't reccomend trying this one at home.

Had he been in the tub, things could have been alot worse. So while I don't have a flat iron now, I still have my kid - and I'd choose that one a bajillion times over.
I've learned my lesson - I'll unplug my appliances after each use.


Mark's mom bought a deep fryer so we could deep fry our turkey this year. Oh, so fabulously yummy.

Sooooo, sooo good.

Thanks Peggy! And Mark and Eric!


Well, a little of it anyway.The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...In hopes that St. Nick soon would be there! The kitchen from Pa Hat and Gramma. HUGE HUGE hit. (The double huge is because the kitchen is soooo huge. Room for them both. Maybe we'll avoid a few black eyes this way.)(this one was taken with my brand new lens!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!)

The kid loves to dress up...

More to come!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Our family tradition on Christmas Eve is to open one present, the Christmas Jammies. Its a fabulous tradition. Here we are - the McDaniels (minus Pa Hat ~ we're missing you!) in our new jammies wishing you a very Merry, and very safe Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's just that cool.

I love this kid.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night I babysat my friends kiddo's while she and her oldest went to look at a potential house and grab a coke. By babysat I mean I made sure my house didn't burn down while they were in it. My evening was rough... can you tell?

Even her baby didn't really need me. For that matter neither did mine...

And Braxton watched a movie. There were seven kids in my house for three hours last night, and I had time to do the dishes. Does anyone else see what is wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thats a wrap!

My son, exhibiting two types of wrap... wrapping a present...

And being a rapper.

I know, I'm lame. It's funny to me though...

Awwww, so sweet...

This morning while I was making my coffee, and the boys breakfast's I looked over and saw them cuddling on the couch. It was one of those, "oh jeesh, heartwarming moments". Yeah, I can be a puddle like that. Anyway here's the proof:
I have given birth to vampire children and am not allowed to open the curtains before breakfast. So the picture is dark, and they were not so happy with the flash. Life is rough.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting in the last ten...

According to Blogger, I have now (not including this post) posted 190 times in the last year. I feel the need to post at least ten more times before the year is over to make it an even two hundred. So I'm going to sip my coffee and ramble a bit about some of the goings on in my life that haven't yet made it to the blog.

Braxton is now potty trained. However, we're dealing with a jealousy/attention/sibling rivalry issue... He constantly needs to be held, has started using a pasi again (he chucked that thing at about 20 months... someone help me with this one...), And even though he's potty trained, if he gets mad at us (ie we tell him its bed/rest-time) he has an accident. Ergh for that. On the bright side, he and Kieran are getting along fairly well and are beginning to entertain eachother.

Kieran can now walk. But, he doesn't. In fact he gets very angry with you if you try to make him do it. So, now that we have it checked off the developmental checklist, I don't really care if he walks or crawls. For now I think he knows that he can get to B-rox quicker if he crawls.
(I know I already posted about that... but he's one - did you expect me to say he figured out cold fusion?)

After 8pm this evening, Mark will officially be on winter break. Thank goodness. I realize that him having a Masters means alot for the future of our family, but sometimes when I'm in charge of the kids for 16 hours all by myself its hard to think of the bigger picture. This class, (Reactor Core Mechanics or something like that) required too many hour of Mark on the computer programming in Matlab. I (in my head of course) called myself a Matlab widow. I am very much looking forward to having the man of my dreams around again - even if its only for a few weeks. I just have to remind myself its only four more quarters. Then he's done, and its MY turn.

Last night bob and I did a 3000 mile distance gift opening. She got me a year long subscription to Runners World Magazine. I'm stoked. Running has become an outlet for me this past year. And when I think about it, its weird. I used to hate running. Trust me - I used to suck at it too. I was aiming to run the P.F. Changs Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Pheonix this upcoming month, but our household was wiped out by the flu bug (I did get a flu shot, in case you were wondering) and I lost valuable weeks in training and had to scratch that plan. I'm still going to Phx. but instead of getting all sweaty I'll just be chillin (haha, its going to be like 70 degrees...) with my little sister who I haven't seen in about two years, and my aunt, uncle and cousins for whom its been three years. I'm stoked.

Please go to Jill's Photo blog to see some of the fabulous photos she took of my crazy little family. She is awesome, and it was stupendous not to have to try and take them myself.

And as a last note, and hopefully a way to brighten up this lame-o post, I'm going to tell you that movies are a bad influence on children. Why you ask? It puts ideas and words into their heads...
A recent example:

Last night I was baking the first of many batches of holiday cookies, and Braxton was helping me. As we got closer to being finished with the dough, Braxton kept sticking his fingers and/or spoon into my stand mixer. I was a little worried about him losing one of those precious little phalanges, so I (after probably the thousandth patient time) said in a slightly frustrated manner "Braxton, keep your fingers out - or you'll get down".
Braxton's reply? "Save your batteries mom, I'll stop".
Where did he get this response? Woody from "Toy Story". Thank you Disney...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Time for a Roomba...

Unfortunately for me, most of my main living floor is linoleum. I have, in the past 8 mos., begun to hate sweeping and mopping. (luckily the other two floors are carpet... vacuuming rocks) There are three reasons; 1) 1200 sq. feet is alot of sweeping and mopping, 2) Kieran and last but not least 3) Braxton.
We call this the goldfish buffett ala floor. Yum.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the go.

Kieran took his first steps this evening. We've figured he could do it for a while now. When no one is looking he'll stand un-aided, but he's refused to walk on his own. He'll hold on to your finger and go from there, but if he let go of your finger he would sit and crawl. So, tonight he decided to just up and walk across the room. No joke. Then he stood there and talked to the video camera. I would show you, but its not digital. Yet. Anyway, woot woot for my baby walking!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

USS Topeka

My son the salty sea dog...His hat is the hat from Mark's second class cruise on the USS Topeka (a submarine, fyi). Braxton decided to put it on last night and hasn't taken it off. He even slept with it. Weirdo, I know.
One of Kenny, because he's cute too. And I can now look at beav's gear without feeling the need to cry.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Redeeming Cuteness...

To make up for posting the thing about the chocolate sprinkles. He's so going to kill me for that someday. I know I've done a million nerd posts at this point, but seriously - I live with Mark, and his offspring. Nerddom rules my life.
Being a good journaler...journalist? One who journals???? Whatever...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chocolate Sprinkles

So, about two weeks ago we made the full on move and Braxton is in big boy 'roos full time. For better or worse. The first week was for the better. This week, the week that Mark has been gone for the entirety of, has been for the worse. Accident after accident. I'm pretty sure it's because Mark has been gone - at least that is what I am praying because we pick him up tonight...

Anyway, Braxton made a "hot dog" in his 'roos this evening. In the process of pulling them off a pebble - just a tiny one - must have fallen out. Because as B-rox and I were walking out of the bathroom he picked up a tiny brown turdlette and ate it.

"mmm, mom I love chocolate sprinkles!!!"


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!!!!!

We had our good buddies, Jill and Joey, down to make gingerbread houses this afternoon. Braxton amazingly didn't eat like any of the candy 'til it had been put on the house! We had alot of fun with these. Thankfully the kits really were easy to assemble (I totally won't tell them how long it took us to figure it out Jill!) and the frosting tasted pretty good. Anyway, here is finished product:
Here is Braxton's... there is a story behind my "diminished capacity" gingerbread man... I just don't feel like posting it right now.
This is J&J's house. Theirs has lots of insulation. Aka frosting.
Braxton, after a complete meltdown, standing nicely for me behind his house. Too bad I was too brain fried to make sure the house was in focus too....
And Braxton and Joey are so good for us, they take turns with their meltdowns. I'm pretty sure Joey started hers about four and three quarter minutes after Braxton finished his.
Hope that headache's gone Jill!

No Joke...

So, about 30 minutes after I made the post about the B-rox stranding himself on the counter, I went and did another load switch. As I was coming up the stairs, I hear Kieran freaking out. I of course assumed that his big brother was torturing him. But when I got up there this is what I saw:

Kenny had managed to strand himself on the back of the couch. He had climbed up Braxton's lounge chair and then pushed it away as he tried to crawl over the back. (something his big brother no doubt taught him.) Since he was genuinely distressed, and not quite as nimble as Braxton, I only took two quick shots before coming to his rescue!

There's that awesomeness again...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That's what you get...

When you don't listen to your mommy!
On one of my many trips up and down the multiple flights of stairs in my house on this glorious day we call laundry day, I hear "mommy I'm up, help mommy I'm up!". Now, I don't understand what is going on, because I left both the boys on the main living floor. So, I come up the rest of the stairs to find this:

I had told him to stay off of that chair. I had also told him not to try to reach for the cookie jar. It was too far away. But, as soon as I slipped downstairs to switch the loads - he scrambled up and tried to reach for the cookie jar. But, in his endeavors, he pushed the chair away and was left hangning. He did NOT appreciate me laughing, or taking the time to take out the camera and take pictures before rescuing him.

I'm such a great mom... :P

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rrrring, Rrrrring...

... Uhm, hello Oregon State Defense? Yeah, its your fans. They're wondering if you forgot you are one of the top ten in the nation?

So, Civil War should have been huge last night. In one respect I guess it was. For the Ducks. We set records, oh boy did we set records! We set a new school record for most points allowed in a Civil War game. We also set a new school record for most yardage allowed - almost 700 - in a Civil War game. Just in case you're reading this - and don't know anything about football (Gasp!!!) these are NOT good things.

Not only were we completely embarrassed at Reeser in this game, we killed our hopes of Going to the Rose Bowl this year. Lame.

I will give a bit of credit to the beavs, and say that the refs made two very, very awful calls that - if they had not been made would have made for a VERY different game. The first being the pass interference on an un-catchable ball. ergh. The second being the ref calling the play dead before the player hit the ground - thereby rendering our fumble recovery and subsequent touchdown dead as well. Ergh ergh.

So, it was a depressing game. Not a good way to start a week away from my husband.
Where were you beavers?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ye Old Christmas Tree...

So, now that all the turducken has been eaten, the mandatory maimings for black friday sales have happened - we can put up our christmas tree. And we did. Because of the high price of real ones, our tree is fake - but you can't tell unless you look closely. (We spent a bit more the first year, so we wouldn't have to give away a son every year to be able to buy one.) So we pulled it out of the garage, and assembled it (still looks pretty fabulous for its third year in a row!). And then had the boys "help" us decorate. Yes, they helped about as much as anyone could imagine a one year old and a three year old helping decorate a christmas tree. But, its the spirit of things and all that. This is the end result:

Ok, so you can't see the ornaments... but this is pretty cool. Especially, when I think about the fact that we screwed in every single one of those durn light bulbs... No joke, we really did. For the third year in a row!

And no tree topper. We're still looking for "the one". A Benny the Beaver one would be stupendous. If anyone comes across one - please help me out!!! You'll be my hero for like - ever!

27 days until christmas - as of November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

So, for the most part our thanksgiving was fairly low key. We stayed in pj's, watched the parade on TV, then when the boys took a nap Mark played video games, and I did some quilting. Go us. At dinner time, after we had said grace, we were discussing what we are thankful for. So, after we helped Braxton understand what that means (we phrased it - what are you happy for?) we reasked the question. It went as follows.

Me: "Braxton, what are you happy for?"
Braxton: "My birthday and Christmas".

Oh yeah. This boy knows how to be thankful.

On a more serious note, some of the things I am thankful I have been blessed with.

First off, the wonderful man God sent into my life, who happened to be the catalyst for the second and third things I feel most blessed to have in my life - my children. Those three boys complete me. They make getting up in the morning worthwhile for me ( this is saying something - since I am NOT a morning person... 9 am often feels too early).
Of course I am thankful that we have been blessed with many comforts that not all have. We have a wonderful place to live - in a safe neighborhood, where many of our neighbors have become friends. We have a car that is safe and reliable (and easy on the gas). I am also thankful for Marks job. It often frustrates me dealing with the difficult and trying beauracratic system that is the Navy, but truly - it provides us with all we need and many things we just want. It also allows me to stay home with our kids. Something I - most of the time - feel very priveleged to be able to do. Lastly - modern technology - for which if I did not have, I would not be able to talk to those who mean the most to me (and are about four million miles away) on a regular basis.
Thank You God, for the truly wonderful life you have blessed me with.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boys never ever ever grow up.

So, boys never stop being boys. And no I don't mean in a physical sense... we've seen surgeons switch that... Ok, back on track. What I mean is boys never really grow up. There is always that little kid inside of them that allows them to be goofs. Here is a dedication to the inner child of men.
Rock band!!!!!

Fun times...

Ok, more birthday stuff!

Alright all you folks who were too cool to be at the party this afternoon, here is the synopsis of our riotous time today. Since neither of my boys were planned, I was not able to make their birthdays in a more birthdayish time such as the summer. We weep at this - ok not really - but, right here in the middle of holiday hubbub is not the greatest. So, for Kieran's party we decided to have people decorate sugar cookies and take home. It turned out to be quite the success! We're freakin geniuses! Kieran's person cookie and name cookies. He was the birthday boy so he got stars with his name. Kieran "decorating" his cookie. yeah... he kinda just ate all the frosting and decorations. None of the cookie.
Braxton's cookie creation... yeah...
Brendan thinking it was absolutely hilarious to have shoved a handful of the star decorations in his mouth. We thought it was hilarious when the drool turned green!
While waiting for the pizza, Braxton managed to rope everybody and their brother into reading to him.
Then presents. The rocking horse from Gramma and Pa hat! A big ol' hit.
Braxton realizing that there is present action going on, and coming over to check out the Helicopter from Grammy and Poppy and Uncle Chad. This was a big hit with the adults. We were mesmerized by the fact it recognized what color the balls you drop into it were... Yeah....
Cake time!!!!!
Step one...

Step done....

Thanks for helping us celebrate keeping Kenny alive a whole year everybody!