My Psychosis



Shamrock Half-Marathon.  Virginia Beach, VA
March, 2010
(with the Bestest and the Big One)

The 14.06 Triathlon.
July, 10th 2011
(Yup, my shirt is on backwards.  We call this trendsetting.
Since, you know, we won't be record setting.)
No pictures for it, but I completed the 2011 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half.  It sucked.  It was cold and I was lonely.  

Tough Mudder Virginia.
1. These clothes are Post - rinse off.
2. You are VERY glad this is not a scratch and sniff blog!
This was probably my favorite race of the year.
It was also the hardest.  

Hot Chocolate 15k.
Let's not even discuss what a mess this was.
I mean, this is their "chocolate fountain".
At least I looked awesome.