The Ringleader

Aka - Me. 

As you can see - my modeling career went far... 
All the way to the back porch.

Most days I resemble Kali - you know, the Hindu goddess with 4 hands.  Because that's how many you need in this household.  There are diapers and feedings, homework and soccer practice, chauffering and chef'ing (totally a word), and smoochin' on the husband (yes, a real job).

This place is a Circus, and while I don't have a whip...I have the perfect shoe collection.  Or at least I'm creating the perfect shoe collection.  All that's missing are Jimmy and the Christians.  But do you know how much fluff that could buy?  And those are much more fashionable.

Me and the crew.  They're big fans.
And why wouldn't they be?
I'm awesome!