Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Ask Me How...

I stumbled upon this.

This lady's baby needs to cry more or something.  I don't even know how she comes up with this stuff or how she doesn't leap at the chance to lay down and take a nap...

With the B-rox I was numb.  For several reasons, none of which are important at this point.  Let's just say something like this would have never popped outta my brain.

With Kieran I had two.  Watch her try and pull this off with two.  Psssh.

Anyway, they're pretty nifty.  Enjoy.

Friday Fill-In Time.

Mil-spouse Friday Fill-In.  I thought I'd jump on board... since everybody else is doing it.

I didn't do drugs or drink growing up.  I can give into peer pressure occasionally!

1.  What is your spouse's best feature? 
Uhm... Well, Normally I would say his swimmer bootay.  However, he doesn't swim anymore - though that memory is locked away in my brain for all eternity...
I would have to say his sense of humor.  Whether he's being intentionally obtuse, or has managed to use his brain for one of those seriously funny moments - he pretty much makes my life a laugh.  You can't complain about that.

2. Mild, Medium, or Hot sauce?
Bring on the spice.  I actually like somewhere in between medium and "where did my tastebuds go?".  I've been known to fry a ging a time or two...

3.  What is the worst uniform you've had to wear for a job? 
The uniform for Dairy Queen.  Hands down.  Making blizzards is a dirty job, and they don't try to convince you otherwise with the polyester they hand out when you sign your name on the dotted line.

4. You have invisible powers... where is the first place you go?
The psych ward.  When people see you wander into DSW, naked, thinking you're invisible - they tend to put a 72 hour hold on you.

5.  What's left on your to-do list for the summer?  
a. Finish re-painting the living/dining room areas that were destroyed by the leak.
b. Then some other stuff...  A lot of other stuff...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Suggestions - Please?

I need a blog makeover (in case the mayhem that opens up on my page wasn't enough of a sign).

However, these three things stand in my way:

1. I'm almost computer design mentally slow.  (I was going to use the "R" word, but ever since that actor guy from "Scrubs" was on the Bonnie Hunt show blasting people who use it - I'm afraid he's going to show up and beat in my skull if I do)

1.  I don't know where to begin - or what direction to go in.  Obviously - I should try to stick with the "theme" of the blog.  (If you don't know it take a look at the title)

3.  Hubband does not like spending money on things such as this.  So, to keep my shoe habit happy - I try to appease this.

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice to help me?  I need help.  Badly.

I was just about to push "publish post" - then realized that I numbered those points 1,1,3.  I, apparently, cannot count.  Now, I know why calculus was so durn hard. 

I Need a Laugh.

Because this morning I caught my neighbors watching me do my "waiting for my breakfast burrito yoga".
Because there is NO coffee in my house.
Because my youngest is trying to strong arm me into leaving him in diapers.
Because my mattress sucks and I can't sleep at night.
Because my bestest leaves in a week.
Because Hubband isn't getting home until almost 8 every night.
Because sometimes waking up in the morning my knees creak.  Then keep creaking while I run.
And because sometimes I just don't care about stereotyping an entire nation in one 2-minute song, and then posting it to my blog.  And probably facebook...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Like a Regular Bike - But You Recumb In It!

Again.  Something no one is going to get.  Unless they were at the Second City Mainstage on Tuesday July, 20th in Chicago.   

It has nothing to do with the following post.  

In this house, we like forts.  Big ones.  Because apparently we somehow inherited a "Texas Fort Gene".

This is my dining room table.  Three feet out from that are my chairs.  Covered in every quilt (almost) that we own.  I'm happy to say that I made 2/3's of them.  Go me! 

A view from above... Massive fort indeed.  Because it's hot as hell outside and being out in it makes me sick.  Like heaving, passing out sick.   This is the point where I ask myself when in the heck did I become such a weeny?  

"The bedroom" portion of the fort.  The hardwood was the "eating spot" portion.  My knees haven't been this sore since I was on crutches and refused to use them indoors.  Thus bringing me to my knees.  Literally. 

Dinner that evening was, without a doubt, spent in the fort.  As a special fort treat we had pizza.  Costco pizza.  My fave.  Because Woodstocks is not on this coast.  However, The boys did not like coming from the cave.  Casting me as their "pizza wench mommy".  This is them demanding (and by demanding I mean asking politely because neither of my children are named Mowgli) more pizza.  

Yay for record breaking summers.  Only, it's a little bit of a sarcastic yay.  Ok, a lot a bit of a scarcastic yay... 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Will the Ball Please Stop Laughing?

Nobody is going to get that title. But it's ok. It's going to crack me up every time I think about it...

We made it back from Chicago. Pics etc. to come as soon as I finish up taking care of a quick (for the time being) blog makeover. Apparently mine was outmoded and then deleted.
So please bear with my dust as I figure a few things out and convince my hubband it's time to get a .com instead of effing with blogger.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Posting. Like I Said I Wouldn't...

Today was an awesome day. Woke up - went for a run, washed all the cars, ate lunch, took naps, played wii, ran another errand, ate dinner, watched a movie, bed - for the boys anyway.

Random snippets from wii playing.

Kenny (while using my mii, and doing as well as 2 year olds are apt to do): Mom, you're not very good at this. You keep losing.

B-rox: Mom, this game is just pissin' me off. (yes, I laughed. It took me by surprise and I couldn't help myself. I called in the hubband for reinforcements. Don't worry.)

These boys are funny. Next time I'll bust out the video camera so y'all can see Kenny's booty shakin' while sword fighting. It gives him umph... or something.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cue the Presidents of the United States of America!

Because I don't feel like blogging this weekend - I'm going to blog a little about peach picking. Which was SOOOO much fun. For me. The boys lost their umph for it pretty quickly.

Especially since I started it out by making them stand in the sun looking at "awesomeness". But they are pretty durn cute.
They were in awe of all the trees. It was nice to spend a little time "out in the country".

Braxton loved it. However, I let him pick whatever he wanted to pick - so we have some pretty green peaches. I'm praying they ripen. Otherwise it's "fried green peaches" for dinner some night...

That sequence of pictures speaks for its self. Holding the hat. Not holding the hat. Buhbye hat.

The only smile from Kieran the entire time. Next time? DO NOT GO AT NAP TIME IN 95 degree heat.

This is how he spent pretty much all of the trip. Love, love the attitude. Very gangsta.

He did pick one... one. Just one. Because I made him.

Oh, I guess Kieran smiled twice. Again, because I made him. Do you know why I'm smiling? Cobbler.

A Glimpse From the Other Side.

B-rox had to tag along for all of Kenny's adventures with the ENT. Well, minus the actual surgery day. His gramma came down to take care of him while we were at the hospital. To keep him from getting too bored, I gave him my iphone. He pretty much said "screw these fun alphabet and math apps my mom paid 1.99 for - I'm going to text and take pictures". So, here's photo documentation from Braxton's point of view of our day at Malcolm Grow.

Ah yes, blood pressure machine and hand sanitizer. And a thumb...

A little bit lower... and no thumb!

Instrument tray.

Sink. Handwashing is important. We don't like germies.

In case you can't tell, I shove the stroller into a corner - so not to impede nurses or doctors in their entry and exit from the room. They're generally appreciative. The kids generally get fed up.
Ah, there we are. As you can tell, Kenny is SO happy to be there.

Sneak peak of the doc.

The goods...

A corner in a different room... At this point we were doing pre-admit paperwork and whatnot.
The bottom of the corner. (lucky for him we left a little after that. But it was a long day. And he was amazing the whole time. I'm a lucky mom.)

**These were not taken by B-rox, but I thought it would finish off the post nicely**
Daddy calming Kieran down. He became a little nervous waiting in pre-op. Luckily they had "Cars" stickers all over the wall.

Cars? Okay mom. This place rocks. Especially after the bubblegum scented mask they gave him to play with...

Mom, these narcotics are awesome....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Time For....

Another edition of "What's on Sarah's iPhone???????"

It's a doozy folks. So, sit tight. Also, this time - we're working backwards. So first is most recent, last is alllllllllllll the way back in May.

Can you handle it?
Random cuteness. In which the situation (and possibly the B-rox screamed "take a picture").

Lego moustaches. When it would fall off they would scream "I'm going bald - just like poppy and pa hat". Which, had me in fits of giggles.... (Especially since my dad's face is anything BUT bald)

"Mom, I'm too tired to walk up the stairs. Can you carry me like a baby?" Sure honey, when you lose about 20 lbs.

Fountains with J cubed. We do love them so. Unfortunately we don't see them enough. If anyone has a teleportation device in their garage - I'd be willing to buy it from you. No need to deal with craigslist...

The "Phineas and Ferb bedroom". Where they built a "good dinner maker", "sun go away-er", and an "ice cream maker". Hopefully, you understand they're a little too young for a discussion about patents and copyrights and such...

This picture was actually taken after B-rox felt left out, when I took the picture below:
Because those devil's horns poking through could not go undocumented. Seriously.

Kenny's imagination at work. Unfortunately for the tree "it got died". When he cut it down with fingernail clippers.
Oh, and hand sanitizer. No jungle is complete without it.

Rocket ship pillow. But, there was no where to sit on the pillow. So he built a chair. (Rather genius - right?) And that cup? Totally filled with tang. Aka - oj. He was SO ready for space that day.

This stuff creeps me out. This lady was blue hair old and she had all sorts of beanie babies lining her back window. Then she turned in front of me - and she had them in the passenger seat and and front window too. Can you say crazy freaking cat lady? To a Whole new extreme?

Ahh, summer boredom. No childhood is complete without it.

That's both boys. Yes, both of them. It is endlessly hilarious that Braxton "fits" behind Kieran. If you don't think so - get your funny bone fixed.

Yeah. Falling down the stairs hurts. That bump is a good 1/2 inch off of his forehead. I had to resist the urge to call him "Quasimodo". Golly, I'm horrible. Seriously - who thought it was a good idea to give me kids?

A whole new meaning to Barney Stinson's "crazy eyes".

Because sitting in the parking lot rules. Sitting in a handicapped spot in the parking lot rules even more. Eating candy while sitting in a handicapped spot in the parking lot rules the mostest. Leave Jammy alone with him for two seconds to return the cart - and this is what I return to...

Who doesn't love snatching random nose-picking pictures of their kids for future use? I see Senior year slideshow in this one...

He's asleep. I'm not sure I can narrate much more than that. Pictures say 1000 words, ya know.

He was sick. Way massively sick. With the (final) ear infection.


So began the summer of "leaving". Where all my friends leave the area. Awesome right? First to go - the Tomes. Lame.

I'm not even sure - it was too long ago - but he's still cute.