Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fill-In Time.

Mil-spouse Friday Fill-In.  I thought I'd jump on board... since everybody else is doing it.

I didn't do drugs or drink growing up.  I can give into peer pressure occasionally!

1.  What is your spouse's best feature? 
Uhm... Well, Normally I would say his swimmer bootay.  However, he doesn't swim anymore - though that memory is locked away in my brain for all eternity...
I would have to say his sense of humor.  Whether he's being intentionally obtuse, or has managed to use his brain for one of those seriously funny moments - he pretty much makes my life a laugh.  You can't complain about that.

2. Mild, Medium, or Hot sauce?
Bring on the spice.  I actually like somewhere in between medium and "where did my tastebuds go?".  I've been known to fry a ging a time or two...

3.  What is the worst uniform you've had to wear for a job? 
The uniform for Dairy Queen.  Hands down.  Making blizzards is a dirty job, and they don't try to convince you otherwise with the polyester they hand out when you sign your name on the dotted line.

4. You have invisible powers... where is the first place you go?
The psych ward.  When people see you wander into DSW, naked, thinking you're invisible - they tend to put a 72 hour hold on you.

5.  What's left on your to-do list for the summer?  
a. Finish re-painting the living/dining room areas that were destroyed by the leak.
b. Then some other stuff...  A lot of other stuff...

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