Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Name Game.

Naming Braxton was extremely difficult. The story I'm about to tell, hasn't been told before and may scare away many readers.

Or, you can just feel free to make fun of me in the comment section. I'm easy going like that.

We looked at names for forever.
Mark wanted Wahoo. No, I'm not joking. Wahoo Delanoe McDaniel. He said "That's a strong name to give a boy". I took over naming from there... with a little veto power given to the hubband.

I wanted Elias. Veto.

I wanted Aiden. Veto.

He wanted Roderick. Veto.

He wanted Wahoo. VETO VETO VETO.

I wanted Finnigan. Veto.

Eventually we settled on Braxton. Believe it or not - he was NOT named after Braxton-Hicks contractions. Common misconception.

The middle name proved to be even tougher. In my family, middle names usually have some significance to family relations. Ross, Lee, Michael... So, the first name I turned to was Hubband's. One of my favoritest names ever. Andrew. Braxton Andrew McDaniel. I was set.

Turns out - Hubband doesn't like his middle name. Though, he thought the initials BAM would be awesome. For weeks we couldn't decide on a middle name.

One day we were sitting on the couch (and by couch I mean futon. Because we were domestic like that. And by domestic I mean poor) watching X-men. The original.

**Little note I should have mentioned earlier: Hubband and I thought it was way awesome we were about to name a kid a name with an X. Because that is uncommon, and we are slightly uncommon folk.**

Anyway, back to the movie. In case none of you are as nerdy as us. X-men rule. Especially when one Sci-fi hero does a crossover. Sort of.
Jean-Luc Picard's character is named Xavier. (Hence, X-men... get it now?)

After listening to this, I started thinking about how cool it would be to double Braxton's awesome factor.

Braxton Xavier. It had a ring to it. Two X's surely had to make him an official X-man. So. Braxton Xavier McDaniel he became.

Our own official X-men. or is it man? I'm confused as to what to do here... help me out folks.

We haven't told this story because we know certain people who would heckle (will heckle) us if they knew.

The other day Braxton was watching a super hero cartoon and the X-men made an appearance.

Braxton's exact words were "Mom, it is so way awesome that the X-man has the same name as me".

Someday we'll explain that this was NOT a coincidence.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts on 2010 Olympics.

*Air Guitar during the national anthem is ok - as long as it's your anthem they're playing. Though, to agree with Mr. Perkins, no shout outs!

*Shaun White. Pretty bad ass. Which, made me think last night - if the B-rox were to become a world class snowboarder, what would his nickname be? He has the hair thing, but it's platinum blonde. I don't know. I call him Boogeyman. (I'll explain the naming evolution of the B-rox in another post.)

*We're proud of you Evan Lysacek. However, you did win gold dancing around on ice with bedazzled snakes attached to your costume. Just sayin'...

*Lindsey Vonn. She's pretty bad ass, too. Though, putting cheese packs on your shin is weird. Haven't you heard of ice? You know - that stuff you slide down at ridiculously fast speeds? Her tumble yesterday - awesome. I've had me some yard sales skiing, but never once was I going that fast. She's got some big ol' bollocks. Kudos.

*NBC. The term, is goofy-footed. Which also happens to be the way I wakeboard. Which makes me wonder, for once - can't I just be normal?

*The quote "We're going to rent the podium from the Canadians" had me cracking up for a good hour. This is of course in reference to Canada's "Own the Podium" campaign.

*I giggle every time I think about how the West coast has to watch the games on a tape delay.
Do you know how many times I've been frustrated with evening football games on the west coast actually being LATE night games for me on the east coast? So you have to watch it prime time. Deal.

*I wish there were more exciting things to watch during the winter olympics besides snowboarding and skiing.

*That being said, the women in the half-pipe yesterday were pretty much a dissapointment. Except Torah. Everybody else - stop falling down. It's embarrassing. (Except the Chinese, they can fall down all they want.) Because who trains for snowboarding? Seriously, stop sucking the fun out of everything.

*I Would like to watch more action, less toupe guy. Less toupe guy interviewing people, and reporting on things we just watched!!!!!
I do not remember toupe guy's name. I'm alwasy a little revolted when I see his awful toupe. Everything else escapes me.

*The clown guy in the long program last night? He should have danced to "There ain't no strings on me".

*Clowns freak me out. Cliche, but true.

*Speaking of music in Ice skating. Somebody needs to man up and skate to some good music. Blues Traveler, Five for Fighting... You know what? I'd even take some Britney. Mix it up a little people. Go Rogue.

*I think we're jinxed. The olympic committee has never released medal projections before, but felt confident about the results they just let leak. The projections had us on top of Germany, and Canadialand, bringing home most golds, and overall.
I think we, as a nation, need to be prepared for some huge disasters.

*I'd like to attend an Olympics someday. (As a spectator, duh, roller derby isn't an olympic sport... yet) Preferably a summer olympics, but I won't be picky as long as I get the opportunity to go.

*I'd like to know if Fox is really, actually, truly, surprised that the Olympics beat American Idol in the ratings race? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

*Back to Evan Lysacek. He's dating Nastia Liukin. Do you think they'll say things like "If you show me your gold medal, I'll show you mine"?

*The Duathalon (shooting, cross country skiiing) is much more exciting when it's James May and Jeremy Clarkson, shooting and driving SUV's. True story.

1) I do not hate China. I just think it's ridiculous that they've taken a very fun, awesome sport, and made it into a drill. Their athletes never look like they're having fun. They look like they're doing a job. Their snowboard routines were lackluster and felt soulless. At least when the other women went down - it was fun to watch.

Ok, I really only had that one note. Writing "notes" looks better on paper. Or blog, as the case may be.

**Edited to add a second note:
Korea. Get over yourselves. You fell. Ohno won. Say whatever you like, put his face on toilet paper - in the end you just look like sore losers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Peaceful DOESN'T Sound Like...

This is what I get to listen to.


Plip Plip Plop.

I finally got ahold of the emergency line at Pulte.

They did not install the drain for the laundry room right, and the water has been draining into my ceiling.

I now have my own in-home water feature. The parade of bowls, saving my hardwood floors.Apparently it's difficult for water to drain through latex paint.

Look at all those puckers. You can hear it in the column boxes on either side of the dining room as well.

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip. Then Plip, plop, plip, plop. Ting Ting Ting. And now, there is a constant stream from one of them.

By water feature, I definitely meant Chinese Water Torture device.

The video isn't all that awesome. I wasn't concentrating hard enough on it, or something. But you'll get the idea of what's up in my house.

So, in a couple of days - without the ability to do laundry, (and might I add that some of that laundry is the result of Kieran's turbulent stomach?), they'll finally come in and fix it. Then tear apart my dining room to fix all the water damage.

I'm so glad I'm fasting today. Because low blood sugar is totally what is going to help all of this.

Oh, F.

This morning I woke up to my youngest puking last night's dinner all over himself. He hasn't stopped that trend. Though, dinner is long since gone.

On one of my trips to rinse out the "bowl", I felt something drip on my head.

My dining room ceiling has a ginormous leak.

Not an ideal morning.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One thumbs up was all I needed.

Since it's inception, or at least my learning of it's inception, I have been intruiged/in love/wishfully pondering roller derby. More specifically, becoming a roller derby girl. I used to roller skate ALL the time. I could do awesome stuff on skates. Skating and hitting people, seemed even cooler.

But, I learned of roller derby in college - and did not have time to join a league.
As you all know, I got knocked up in college. People generally frown on pregnant women lacing up and smashing their bodies into other bodies. (Even though, that's probably how they got there...) So, roller derby has been a well guarded secret in the "Mommy McD Files".

Until a few months ago...

My bestest, Mrs. Wookie, started stalking a random strangers blog. Ashley, of The Accidental Olympian.
I began following as well. Though, not anonymously as bestest did. I'm rogue like that.
She has been regaling {that's spelled right, right?} us with tales from her journey of becoming a roller derby girl. POP! That was the lock on that particular Sarah File being blown, just FYI.
The longing began again.
So, I mentioned to hubband. Not a great reception there.
I mentioned it on facebook. Not a stellar reception, though, I did get a teeny bit of encouragement.
Then, Today I mentioned it to Ashley. She said "DO IT". In big capital letters, just like that.
We're going to be derby comrades.

Once my race is over - I believe I will join a league. Or try out. Or however it works.

Quick note: We watched "Whip It" last night, and since then - hubband is more receptive to the idea of a derby wife. But, my guess is that it's because he think's Juno is hot.
Which she is.
Even pregnant.

Great Start.

I accidentally hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill this morning as I was putting my towel down. I didn't realize I had hit it, because I was pretty intent on Sports Center.


I don't reccomend this manuever.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Because you need to know...

... What goes on in every second of my life. Plus, some really random things.

Warning: All pictures are taken with my phone. Therefore, quality is - meh. This would be Kieran's first trip to Taco Bell. Braxton's second - but we don't count that because he doesn't actually eat. Do you notice how the taco has disappeared into Kenny's cavern, aka mouth?Braxton does not like the loud noise of my magic bullet. But, must be in the room to watch anyway. He looks silly. I think he was waiting for food... something like that. I have seen exactly ONE episode of "Sex in the City". In it was a rolling sushi buffet/bar thingadoo. There is now one in Tyson's Corner Mall. Picturage was a must. Obviously. Awww, sweet moment. I decided that four days in his comfies was enough. I peeled them off of his skin, and he freaked. Stood with his face in the neckhole for an hour. Screaming his head off. I, being the awesome mom that I am, thought it was hilarious and took a picture.
Please ignore the dirty laundry in the picture. It's like a flag. Country of Awesomdonia. They're health nuts there too. So, it's like Oregon - but with better government.
I do indeed, live in a dream world.Ok, I don't know how it happens, but I manage to take pictures of the screen of my phone. Can someone please explain? Echinacea Tea. Believe it or not, they love it, which is good because otherwise I'd have to fashion an in-home IV system for them. This is what your kids look like when you tromp them, "Fun Aunt Bop", and yourselves into the District in 21 degree weather. At least he was happy about it.Kieran was not.Seriously, this guy's a nut. I do love him so. It's like a fancy library. Like the one in "Beauty and the Beast" where she sings and glides along my dream in-home library. Only, this one is for po' folk. I don't have many words for this one.Red Robin puts crack in the kids' meals apparently...Yup, those are my ladies. But, what you should be focusing on is the fact that Kieran is asleep in my lap with a milk cup and a paintbrush. Weird.Mark's words upon seeing this photo: "When was that taken?" The answer is: "I have no idea".
But it was cute... or he was reading something that made me laugh, and I had plans to blog it - but failed. Again with the photo of the phone screen. Somebody clue me in on how I manage this... pleez?

There, aren't you glad you tuned in today?

Feel better about your life? I would...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Cabin Fevah!

I painted. It. Took. Forever.
That big wall nearly threw out my back. It looks awesome. Now, we can hang pictures!
It looks much better in person. But, you'll have to come visit in order to see!

The boys played with a box. Because that's what boys do. This was actually before any snow fell. But, it fit with the theme of the post. So go with it folks.

Today the roads were clear enough to get out and about. We hit up Ihop, then went on a search for a wii. We had no luck. Guess we'll stick to the pastime of cleaning and playing in boxes.

Pray for us...

Revenge of Snowmageddon

December 19th brought a big ol' storm 'round these here parts. The biggest shopping day of the year, Super Saturday, wasn't. At. All. At least, around the greater Washington DC area. We all spent that Saturday shoveling ourselves out of our houses.
And, if you were like me, spent a great deal of time laughing at how ill-prepared this area was to deal with a great dumpage of snow.
But that's because I'm from Small Town, U.S.A, where they generally recieve a great dumpage of snow. We all know the adage: "Practice makes perfect." Which is something this area does not have.... but that's a post for later.
Anyway, me and my trusty camera device captured the same thing that every associated press photographer did over the weekend. Snow. "Revenge of Snowmageddon", aka: "Storm of the Century" to be exact.
Except my pictures are cuter, because my kids are in them. Well one of them. Somewhere along the way in the gestational process, Kenny grabbed onto the "F! That's cold, get it the Heckawayfromme!!!" gene, and hates being in the snow. Pretty much screams the whole time.
Mark and I have decided he'll be our hot chocolate maker while the other three of us are out snowboarding. Once we move back to the PNW and actually have mountains to do such an activity on...Trying to dig himself out of the hole he fell in.He learned pretty quickly that the best way to traverse is to skim on top. Sneak attack snowball. His next words were "what the hell?". Don't worry. We've quashed that.Three hours before it stopped snowing - this is where it was. Shoulder high, on my 36" son. We were trying to condition him into believing snow is awesome. It didn't work.The poor souls who street parked. Many lost mirrors. These are the lucky few. Oh yes, those are full sized trucks, and SUV's completely buried. It took me 30 minutes of shoveling to find my car...The "Anatomy of a Throw".The next day we went sledding. The sun was out and it was beautimus. Had a blast! Until Kieran started crying - when he got snow in the face.

This is the burm after we started to dig out. Not the best angle, but it is twice as high as the B-rox.

***Since starting this post, less than an hour ago - the second storm this week has already dumped an inch.

Mark has been off work since Friday. Today is his fifth day of his "weekend". I don't expect him to return to work until next Tuesday. 11 days off. None of it counting against his leave time. Amazing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Promises, Promises.

Ok. I've scrubbed, painted and finished many odd jobs around the house this weekend. Why? Because we're trapped. In case you don't watch the news, or have facebook, or twitter or something of that nature, the Washington D.C. area was hit with "The Storm of the Century". To be honest I figured the storm right before Christmas, that dumped 24" on my doorstep, and roof, and driveway, and deck, and the roads... you get the idea, was the storm of Virginia's history. Turns out - I was wrong. We got 30" during the 30 hours of snow Friday/Saturday. We are trapped.
They aren't even planning on fully plowing the roads until after the next storm to hit the area. Which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So, we're trapped until after Wednesday sometime.
So, my goals for today are to seperate the meat we bought from Costco and freeze it, then spend some time blogging.
*The Snowmageddon
*Some awesome stuff with my way cute kids
*Maybe some random stuff?
*The backlogged:
+New Years
So, I'll get to that. Probably. My nook came last week - and spending a day on the couch being un-productive sounds good, too.
You're in luck though. Tomorrow looks pretty empty as well.
Until later...