Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free fun. What more could you ask for?

Are you a mom at her wit's end?  Kids driving you crazy?  Can't take another lap around your kitchen? 
Well, I have the solution for you!  
Look no further than...  

Your freezer!!!!  
Note.  The baby has nothing to do with this.
Except, he was there.
And cute.
Therefore, deserving of precious memory space on my phone. 

 I took a bunch of random toys, put them in bowls of water - then froze them.

 Then gave the boys a hammer, chisels, screw drivers, and hot water with squirties.

 And let them spend the next two hours hacking away in order to "discover" their toys.


Say it with me this time:

 No injuries. Yay!

"BofA - this is what I think of you owning my mortgage!"
"Om nom nom"

Baby sideeye.  
Ahhh, free entertainment.  Every mother's dream.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


If you are my friend in facespace.  You've seen these.  Feel free to tune out now.

Don't even get me started on that ankle...

When/if he decides to cut his hair - I will cry.

My green eyed guy.
Recessive genes FTW! 

Any guesses as to my preferred brand of camera?

"I put up with this shiz because you feed me."


Growling and being a lion.

Seriously?  Seriously.
So. Stinking. Gorgeous.  

Being a "super hero daddy"
Idolization of the fajah much?

Helping daddy pick out parts for his 'vette.

I can't do calculus.
I can't keep my bathrooms clean.
I can't sleep through the night.
I can't blow a decent reed on my clarinet anymore.
But damn, I am GREAT at making awesome looking kids.

Even when they do this.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, hello.  You've tuned in to totally random tidbits!

Except, they're not that random!

*I went on a 7 mile trail run today.  While it rejuvenated my SOUL, it left my ankles asking me "why?" all day.  In that nasally voice that kids do, except it was my ankles.  So if you're picturing this - there is some serious stuff going on in your head.  Stuff that defies physics.

Seen on my run today.
It also kind of defies physics.
I named it "Birdodileish".
Because it looks like the wayward child of a bird, crocodile, and fish.
Also, now you're trying to imagine those three things copulating.

This doesn't defy physics.
It does defy the capabilities of my iphone, however.
This scene (lilies on the water) is much more gorgeous in person.

Turn around point of my run.  Also, one of the higher points in the area.
I pretended I was on Mt. McLoughlin.

Birds!  I was actually lost at this point...
Luckily only for a moment.
But, I ate a spider web and had to stop and walk for a minute.
So, I took a picture of birds.  
*I'm currently blogging while hubband finishes readying the house for the "STORM OF THE CENTURY".  Because, apparently we haven't lived through enough of those since moving to the EC.  (Which is what the cool kids call the east coast in case you were wondering.) 
Snowmageddon.  Earthquake.  Now Hurricane.
Water jugs filled. Tea and coffee pre-made.   Bread baking.  Crank flashlights located, candles located.  Cheap new (to us) board games. Blogs scheduled to post.  We're ready, yo.

*I got new business cards today.  I feel old.  I feel official.  (Officially old.  Har. Har.) I would post a pic - but I don't feel like going into photoshop and cropping off the "sensitive" info.  Because Season two of "Warehouse 13" came in today.  I need to know how Artie fares.

*With that I'm going to leave you.  By leave you, I mean I'm going to plunk down in front of the television and drool.  Or, get blown into the ocean by Hurricane Irene.   (We are nearly smack dab in between 2pm Saturday and 2am Sunday.  Our house is in the 100k winds zone.)  Should be a "fun"weekend...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I haz no phone, but I haz the interwebz.

Excitement in our 'hood!

I'm still waiting to hear from Mark, but my guess is that he's ok.  The boys and I are fine - though it did make for a rather exciting lunch...

We were in Red Robin, when I felt the "a truck is going by" rumbling, that lasted longer than a truck going by would.  Since it felt like it was building, I told the boys to get under the table - to protect their noggins, in case the Three Stooges above them felt like careening from their place on the wall.
I ducked over the baby.

We made it through.  Though, a couple of the TV's in Red Robin did not.

We've had some minor damage/disruption here in the love nest, but nothing serious.

As soon as I figure out a way to get a hold of Mark, I'll update here for y'all.
 {Just got a hold of Mark.  He's not trapped under a beam.}

C'est la mort.

Yesterday afternoon, after a rather ridiculous start to the day, I took the boys outside to play around a bit.  We were out there for a good two hours.  In that time, Thor decided to lay down the hammer and head back to Asgard.  

I figured it would happen.

B-rox took it pretty well.  In fact, I think I was closer to tears about it than he was.   So, being the "awesome" parents we are - we packed up and went to Petsmart.  

We now have a second tank, identical to the first, to house B-rox's new beta.  

Meet Dragon Warrior. 

The fish are ever entertaining.  
But, I'd still rather have a pig.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thor and Mohawk Warrior.

Wednesday night we took the kids to the county fair.

We did the usual, eat old fashioned ice cream.  Funnel cakes.  Lemonade.

Watched a demoliton derby. 
And then went to Wal-Mart.
Wait - what? 
That's right. Wal-Mart.

We had to get a home for these guys:

Meet Mohawk Warrior

And Thor.

All the way home last night I heard "Mom, drive carefully.  We have special pets in the car."  "Mom, watch where you're going - we need to get these guys home safely."

The thing is, I'm stressed out of my mind about these things.
I don't want to have another death conversation.  The last one is still taking it's toll on my brain.
Unfortunately, I don't think Thor is long for this world.
I could be wrong.  Goldfish have been known to do some weird stuff. But I know it's not normal for a goldfish to not to swim around.  I know it's not normal for it to just roll from side to side on the bottom of the tank. I know it's not normal for it to slowly "glub glub" like it's begging me for help seconds before the Thermal Cleaning goes off.
C'est la vie.  Except, what's the french word for "death"?   Because it's more "c'est la death".  

We officially have pets.  Hopefully they fare better than plants in my house...  

Friday, August 19, 2011

In the absence.

In the absence here on the blog, this has been the "happenings".

I had my hair done.
Bliss.  Seriously.  Bliss.

4 hours later, here's a car picture.
It doesn't do it justice.
I'm blonde again.
With a bit of "GO BEAVS"
Because it's almost football season! 
Brotherly love has continued to blossom.

Holdeezy sleeps in the crib now.
Though, still wakes multiple times a night.
Baby steps.  Baby. Steps. 

Aunt and Uncle Sneaky made the day with new
Superhero shirts.

The baby took to eating glue.  Because he heard
sniffing it could stunt your growth.
We ate one of the best eggplants ever.

I met new friends on a run.

Fell in love with the state park down the road a little more.
Sunrise run along the beach?
Yes, please.

It's been confirmed that he's in the running for
"Worlds happiest baby in the history of the world".

We made our own water cycle.

Which gave us two days of discussions on:
Food Chains.
Water cycles.
Thank goodness for Science Experiment books! 
It's been fun 'round these parts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Date Night.

 With this guy!

The B-rox "took" me out to see "Glee, the Movie Concert" on Tuesday.   He said he wanted to do it "just because it would make me happy".
(Truthfully, letting him take me and think he was making me happy is what made me happy.)

The movie was... interesting.  Obviously, I'm a big ol' Gleek - but I'm not sure I needed to spend $30 to go see the songs I've seen on the show.

However, when Braxton is married - and treats his partner like royalty - they can thank me.  I'm training them early.

He opened doors, shared his popcorn, and was most courteous all night.
Thanks B-rox.  I had a great night.  I love your nose.