Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, hello.  You've tuned in to totally random tidbits!

Except, they're not that random!

*I went on a 7 mile trail run today.  While it rejuvenated my SOUL, it left my ankles asking me "why?" all day.  In that nasally voice that kids do, except it was my ankles.  So if you're picturing this - there is some serious stuff going on in your head.  Stuff that defies physics.

Seen on my run today.
It also kind of defies physics.
I named it "Birdodileish".
Because it looks like the wayward child of a bird, crocodile, and fish.
Also, now you're trying to imagine those three things copulating.

This doesn't defy physics.
It does defy the capabilities of my iphone, however.
This scene (lilies on the water) is much more gorgeous in person.

Turn around point of my run.  Also, one of the higher points in the area.
I pretended I was on Mt. McLoughlin.

Birds!  I was actually lost at this point...
Luckily only for a moment.
But, I ate a spider web and had to stop and walk for a minute.
So, I took a picture of birds.  
*I'm currently blogging while hubband finishes readying the house for the "STORM OF THE CENTURY".  Because, apparently we haven't lived through enough of those since moving to the EC.  (Which is what the cool kids call the east coast in case you were wondering.) 
Snowmageddon.  Earthquake.  Now Hurricane.
Water jugs filled. Tea and coffee pre-made.   Bread baking.  Crank flashlights located, candles located.  Cheap new (to us) board games. Blogs scheduled to post.  We're ready, yo.

*I got new business cards today.  I feel old.  I feel official.  (Officially old.  Har. Har.) I would post a pic - but I don't feel like going into photoshop and cropping off the "sensitive" info.  Because Season two of "Warehouse 13" came in today.  I need to know how Artie fares.

*With that I'm going to leave you.  By leave you, I mean I'm going to plunk down in front of the television and drool.  Or, get blown into the ocean by Hurricane Irene.   (We are nearly smack dab in between 2pm Saturday and 2am Sunday.  Our house is in the 100k winds zone.)  Should be a "fun"weekend...

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