Tuesday, August 23, 2011

C'est la mort.

Yesterday afternoon, after a rather ridiculous start to the day, I took the boys outside to play around a bit.  We were out there for a good two hours.  In that time, Thor decided to lay down the hammer and head back to Asgard.  

I figured it would happen.

B-rox took it pretty well.  In fact, I think I was closer to tears about it than he was.   So, being the "awesome" parents we are - we packed up and went to Petsmart.  

We now have a second tank, identical to the first, to house B-rox's new beta.  

Meet Dragon Warrior. 

The fish are ever entertaining.  
But, I'd still rather have a pig.  

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Trish said...

Are you ok? I just heard that you folks on the east coast are experiencing (sp?) earthquakes.

I pray that all is well.