Thursday, August 18, 2011

Date Night.

 With this guy!

The B-rox "took" me out to see "Glee, the Movie Concert" on Tuesday.   He said he wanted to do it "just because it would make me happy".
(Truthfully, letting him take me and think he was making me happy is what made me happy.)

The movie was... interesting.  Obviously, I'm a big ol' Gleek - but I'm not sure I needed to spend $30 to go see the songs I've seen on the show.

However, when Braxton is married - and treats his partner like royalty - they can thank me.  I'm training them early.

He opened doors, shared his popcorn, and was most courteous all night.
Thanks B-rox.  I had a great night.  I love your nose.  

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Trish said...

What a total swetheart! FYI...his National Geo has been renewed for another year.

With the joy he brings, who wouldn't love him

oh and sweet new pattern bag coming your way in Nov?