Thursday, September 30, 2010

Box Car Boys

Was that a book series?  Akin to Nancy Drew?  I don't remember...

Ahhh, rainy afternoons.  How your hours creep ever so slowly by...  
This afternoon, I had a fix: 

B-rox in his "hemi 'cuda".
Or, as he calls it - Haikuta

And Kenny in his Corvette.
Then, it stopped raining so we could go for a test drive.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Very Good Point, Lindsay.

My cousin, who is pretty much awesome all the time - brings up a pretty good point.

Did you know that your childhood vaccine for Pertussis (whooping cough) runs out?

Did you also know that you can give it to a baby who doesn't have the vaccine yet?
(They get it at 2 months)

There is a booster and it's easy to get.  Your local health clinic will give it to you.

Pertussis was nearly eradicated - and now its back, and stronger and more resistant to treatment than ever.

Get your booster.  You could save a life.

If you don't think it's serious, ask my mom what it was like watching her baby in the NICU for a month.

Or ask this lady what it's like to watch her brand new baby take his last, very labored, breath.

Thanks, people.  Mothers of new babies thank you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm sure he learned it from me...

Yesterday we took the boys pumpkin patching.  (No, no pictures this post).

The first day of one of the states' most anticipated fall festivals.  We showed up and were stacked into a parking lot by a bunch of family 12 year olds and their dads.

We pulled in, then the car next to us pulled in.
She very quickly opened her door.  But didn't get out.  She sat there, and organized her purse, put on sunscreen, then contemplated the meaning of life.

We waited, however, the boys were getting quite impatient with the waiting and Braxton wanted to know why we weren't getting out of the car.
I said "because this lady..." and then let the sentence trail off before I said something mean.  (I am trying to be a good influence)

Braxton chimed in with "must be a genius, obviously".

Yes, I'm sure he learned it from me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Gem

This morning while the boys were getting dressed they were having this conversation:

K: B-rox, I had a nightmare last night.
B: Did you call for Mom or Dad or go into their room?
K:  No, it was just a little nightmare
B: Oh, that's good.
K:  Yeah.  I didn't die.
B: Yeah, those ones are always messy.

ME (in my head):  WTH has your dad been letting you watch?  Messy death nightmares??????
More word world is in order...

Monday, September 20, 2010

No Coherent Thoughts...

This is going to be another hodge-podge post.  Because I feel like I'm running around with my head cut off.

To start off, I'm going to vent.  First, let me paint the scene...
When I walk into the gym this morning there are three out of four treadmills in use, four out of four ellipticals in use, leaving two recumbent bikes and a spin bike free.  I'm not the biggest lover of spinning, as I don't prefer the saddle sore feeling and seriously - recumbent bikes?  Is there a way to look lazier while you're working out? I don't think so.  There is also a guy over at the bench press.

So, I go to the open treadmill and plop my gear down.  By gear, I mean my car keys and club house proxy card... I roll loaded.  Well, the guy that was over  at the bench press lumbers over, and informs me that he's still using that treadmill and has 25 minutes left on his 30 minute time limit.

Uhhh... ok.  That's fine.  You get 30 minutes - that's the rule.

Here's where I get pissed off.  He gets on - and sprints for 8 SECONDS!!!! Then he hopped off (leaving the treadmill running - as sort of a claim on it) and lifted for three minutes.  Then he hops back on at sprints for 8 SECONDS!!!!! 
Listen pal, this isn't the rodeo and it's not a honky tonk bar.  It's not 8 seconds and the bell rings.  If during your 30 minutes, you're only going to actually only use it for a minute total - give it up and let someone who actually wants/needs to run get on.  Do jumping jacks, jump rope or run in place.  All acceptable forms of cardio-vascular exercise.

Argh!!!!!!  Did I mention I do NOT enjoy this saddle sore feeling?  

A couple of friends and I went to see the movie "Easy A".  I'm not sure I've been so entertained by a movie in a LONG time.  I really recommend it.  It's well written, witty, funny and a great story.

Then I went shoe shopping, and bought some boots.  I've been informed by the bestest that they make me look like Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
I think they look hawt. 
Does this mean I have a latent like of Johnny Depp?  Because normally he grosses/weirds me out.

The boys think that I'm going to "throw up" baby Zore.  Because, of course - if its in your belly, surely it must come out of your mouth...  So lately Kenny has been asking to "see down my neck" to see if he can see the baby in there.  No, son.  You can't.  Sorry.

Little note to the dude who said this to me this morning - "When are you going to have that baby?  It feels like you've been pregnant for forever!"
Uhm, not chill.  I am aware it's like I've been pregnant for forever.  I'M THE ONE WHO IS PREGNANT YOU NINCOMPOOP!

Your guess is as good as mine...

My breakfast birthday date.
I paid.
It was yummy anyway.

This was parked next to us when we came out from my birthday dinner.
The vanity plates in VA often make me laugh.
Seriously - everybody here has one, it seems.

Yes, my children are eating off of the floor.
They dumped a bag of chips on the floor - and when I told them to clean it up
this was their method...
Waste not, want not?

Not many kids get their first driving lesson on a vintage car...

And because it's football season.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quarter Century Mark.

I'm 25 today.  Yizeah.

And apparently, when you turn 25, you channel Lil' John.

So everybody go "Get Shorty".

Even with super short rockstar pink hair, I'm not awesome enough to pull all that off....

Owell, it's my birthday.  I can do what I want!

Which means I'm going to drop kid off at school, pick kid up from school, make lunch, lay down for naptime, pick up CSA shipment, pick up husband, watch while husband pays for my birthday dinner, brush teeth and go to bed.  

I party hard these days.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last night...

*Braxton's monthly National Geographic Kids magazine showed up.  Ever excited, we started reading right away.  The article that caught his eye?  The Man Who Wants to be a Mummy. 
It happens to be about a tribal dude in Papua New Guinea who is teaching his son the process of mummification, so that he can be mummified upon death - just like his dad before him.

If only I could predict the future...

B-rox turns to me, tears streaming down his face, "mommy, I love you and I want you to keep being my mommy.  Please don't die."

Uhhhh.... shit.  I am completely unprepared for this conversation...

Braxton, Mommy has no plans in the future to die.  We leave that up to God - but it is my intention to be your mom as long as I possibly can.  (Think creepy old lady in "I'll Love You Forever", sneaking into her son's window.)  

So we get him calmed down, and relieved, and feeling awesome again.  We move on to the next article.
Trapped by Trash: Animal Rescue Stories.  
Should be pretty mundane - and a good teaching moment about why we don't litter and why we recycle, compost, etc. - RIGHT????

Unfortunately - the first story is about a baby skunk stuck in a yogurt container.  His mother abandoned him - making him an orphan...

Braxton:  "What's an orphan?"
Me: *Eff, we are so done with this magazine!*  "It's a baby who doesn't have a mom or dad".
B: *Tearing up again*  "I don't want you and dad to die - I don't want to be an orphan!!!"
Me:  *Bleepity bleep bleep bleep bleep NGK, Bleep ergh"  "Mom and Dad don't have any plans to die.  If we do die though, can you think of who loves you and would want to take care of you for us?"
B: Uhm... Kieran?
Me:  Well... that might be interesting - but Mommy thinks Uncle Sneaky would take care of you and love you, as would Grammy and Poppy, and Gramma and Pa Hat, and Aunt Burt and Uncle Jorge...
B: Oh, but can I just keep mommy and daddy for now.  Uncle Sneaky gives us cookies, but sometimes you're nice and give us cookies too.  So, I love you and don't want you to die.

I cried.  A lot after I put him to bed last night.  And am tearing up now, dammit.
I love that kid.
It's good to know he loves me too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tooting Some Tidbits.

Things around here have been pretty busy.  To catch you up, I'll spout some of it at you.

*Braxton still thinks vagina is Spanish for pancake.  He felt the need to inform some random strangers of this the other day.
I may still be blushing from this event...

*I've done some family pictures lately - and while I don't expect to shoot for National Geographic anytime soon, I think they turned out pretty well.  

Dog butt.  
*If what the docs are saying is true - I only have about 12 weeks left in this pregnancy.  
This scares the holy living batshoot outta me.  I am SO not ready for this.  So, I've been trying to organize/purchase everything needed for this fetus to become not a fetus.  
Today we ordered his diapers, and yesterday I bought his first Christmas present.  If nothing else, he'll have a place to poo and something to cuddle with.

*Football season has started.  Does anything else need to be said with that?

*Yesterday I went to the DMV.  I'm pretty sure the show "Reaper" had it right.  It's a portal to hell.  The lady I dealt with was, to put it politely, a complete bitch.  She made it even harder for me to part ways with my Oregon license.  I only cried a little bit that morning... 

*My runs have slowed down, and gotten shorter.  Because the fetus, Zore, has begun to rebel against the jiggling.  I need a support belt.  But for some reason I thought I'd be able to find a cute one.  In my online perusing, I found this to not be the case.... 
However, when a "good" day means I hit 3 miles in forty minutes, I know I need some help.  If anybody out there knows of a good belt to keep the fetus jiggling to a minimum, I'd appreciate the info.  

*We made it through the first week of school.  By first week, I mean the first three days.  Thank you school my son attends, for breaking us in easily!  

*No, the name of the baby is not actually going to be Zore.  We aren't releasing a name until the fetus is no longer a fetus.  Nobody can say bad things about the name when it's attached to a tangible human.  
Well, they can.  They'd just be a$$holes.  

*Halloween is coming up, and I've found some pretty awesome Mario and Luigi costumes I think I'm going to get the boys.  Normally I'd prefer to make the costume, but I'm using a pregnancy card, and saying that it's just not gonna happen this year.  

*Next week marks a quarter-century on this Earth for me.  If I didn't keep forgetting about it, I'd probably be excited.  

*Today I wore my pre-pregnant, skinny jeans - and buttoned them.  AND had no problems breathing or feeling squished.  Take that third trimester!  

And with that, I'll leave you with Dr. Deputy.  He can sew up your GSW and arrest the jackahomo who shot you!

Friday Fill in Numero Doce.

Bet you didn't know I was bilingual - did ya?
Well, I speak spanglish with the best of them - so there.

This Friday I have a little brain power to spare for the blog.  So, for all you other milspouses/girlfriends/fettishists hop on over to Wife of a Sailor and link up.

 1) Do you set goals for yourself during deployment?  What are some of them?

I'm going to have to stop doing these.  Hubband doesn't "deploy",  he goes out for a couple of weeks and comes back.  My goal is usually to plan ahead and make sure I actually cook the three of us dinners...

2) What would you say to someone dating a military guy or gal?

Hai!  My name is Sarah.  It's nice to meet you.  

Here's my number.  When you hit that "need to talk" point - call me.  I'm here and will listen.  
*and then I hand them my "Married to the Military" book - by CinC house.  

3) If you have children, how do you prepare them to move to a new place?
Uhm, mine are little so we pretty much pack them up and move.  Ask me again in a couple of years.  

 4) Name one hobby that gets your through alone time?
Reading, playing with clay, tv, sleeping.  I'm all sorts of well-rounded like that.

5) What's the one food you don't ever get tired of?

Well, I was going to say cheerios - but that one has been done to death.
And I think I've used all my "Mac and cheese cards".

Oranges.  Seriously.  Scurvy?  What's that?

And another Friday completed...  Hasta luego folks. 


Friday, September 3, 2010

Failing Fridays

I'm skipping Friday Fill-in.  This sneaky day has once again snuck up on me, and I just don't have the brain - power to come up with snarky/witty/awesome answers.

I read a blog this morning, where the couple recently lost their young daughter, and all I really feel like doing is sitting around with my kids.  Appreciating every little thing that bugs me.  Because they're here and able to bug me.

I love them tons and I'm not quite sure what I'd do without them.  Even when they shriek, wake up too early, throw temper-tantrums, or complain about dinner.

I'm glad to have these guys:

They were probably laughing at my expense.

Who doesn't like eating breakfast in their underoos?

They have yet to master the "emo" shot.  

Kenny is NOT a fan of the fair...

Yogi B-rox.
Thanks, boys - for making my life fun, interesting, challenging, and being here for me to love you.
Love you mucho.