Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last night...

*Braxton's monthly National Geographic Kids magazine showed up.  Ever excited, we started reading right away.  The article that caught his eye?  The Man Who Wants to be a Mummy. 
It happens to be about a tribal dude in Papua New Guinea who is teaching his son the process of mummification, so that he can be mummified upon death - just like his dad before him.

If only I could predict the future...

B-rox turns to me, tears streaming down his face, "mommy, I love you and I want you to keep being my mommy.  Please don't die."

Uhhhh.... shit.  I am completely unprepared for this conversation...

Braxton, Mommy has no plans in the future to die.  We leave that up to God - but it is my intention to be your mom as long as I possibly can.  (Think creepy old lady in "I'll Love You Forever", sneaking into her son's window.)  

So we get him calmed down, and relieved, and feeling awesome again.  We move on to the next article.
Trapped by Trash: Animal Rescue Stories.  
Should be pretty mundane - and a good teaching moment about why we don't litter and why we recycle, compost, etc. - RIGHT????

Unfortunately - the first story is about a baby skunk stuck in a yogurt container.  His mother abandoned him - making him an orphan...

Braxton:  "What's an orphan?"
Me: *Eff, we are so done with this magazine!*  "It's a baby who doesn't have a mom or dad".
B: *Tearing up again*  "I don't want you and dad to die - I don't want to be an orphan!!!"
Me:  *Bleepity bleep bleep bleep bleep NGK, Bleep ergh"  "Mom and Dad don't have any plans to die.  If we do die though, can you think of who loves you and would want to take care of you for us?"
B: Uhm... Kieran?
Me:  Well... that might be interesting - but Mommy thinks Uncle Sneaky would take care of you and love you, as would Grammy and Poppy, and Gramma and Pa Hat, and Aunt Burt and Uncle Jorge...
B: Oh, but can I just keep mommy and daddy for now.  Uncle Sneaky gives us cookies, but sometimes you're nice and give us cookies too.  So, I love you and don't want you to die.

I cried.  A lot after I put him to bed last night.  And am tearing up now, dammit.
I love that kid.
It's good to know he loves me too.

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