Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Such handsome faces.

These are some of the "other" pictures I took while trying to get a shot for their Valentine's day cards for their class.  

Ryan Gosling wannabe - right here. 

They are SUCH good buddies.  It's awesome. 
This is a video of B-rox and one of this classemates' guitar "solo" during their winter concert.  They stole the show.  Braxton ATE IT UP!

I love these boys.  I mean, how could you not?

Monday, January 23, 2012


Last week was a downer.

So, this week we're resetting.
We're alive.  We (mostly) have our health. We're together.

So, with that announcement - here's a little puppy love.

Hello, Monday.  It is good to have you here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am NOT carpe-ing this freaking Diem.

This article kicked off a week of phlegm, pneumonia, ear infections, vomit and no sleep.

It helped me not feel so guilty for the tears I sprung during serious moments of near-mental-breakdown-ness.
[B-rox having an asthma attack, Kenny crying because his legs/ears/head hurts, and Holdeezy puking on anything in sight, is one particular moment.]

Today, I've received word that my Grandpa passed.  While it sounds callous, it was time. His mind was gone and his body was struggling.  He didn't deserve that.  I often thanked my lucky stars that I was 3,000 miles away from it, because strong is definitely a word that could be used to describe him, and I didn't feel brave enough to want to see his decline.

A friend of mine from college died from cancer, yesterday.  He was 27.
I dated him a few times, before we decided that going to the movies together was about all it was going to be. Our friendship had become a little more thin over the years, as we married (other people, obvs.) and life went on, 3,000 miles apart.  I'm still sad.  And taking a reality check from it.  It's time to make some of the appointments I've been putting off.

A friend, who has become very special to me (maybe because our kids are the same age, go to the same school, and we both love running? I don't know.  She's an awesome woman.) told me she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.
I had nothing adequate to say to her today.  I started crying, which I'm sure, looked way cool.  I will probably not have anything adequate to say to her.  I'm sorry doesn't seem adequate, and yet I am.  It doesn't seem fair.

And, so, you know.  I'm not carpe-ing this diem.  I'm, in fact, going to take a nap.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Uhm... No. Just... NO.

We are NOT expanding our family in anyway in the coming year.  No adoptions.  No pregnancies.  No more trips for fish filters.

Imagine I am a hive of 30,000 bees.  Imagine the boys are 30 Japanese hornets.

Yes.  Now you understand. Our big news has nothing to do with family expansion.

I have all I can handle, right here.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Its a new year. Bringing new things - and all that jazz.

B-rox, on Saturday night, looks up at the sunset and says, "I know what causes all that fire".
Me: Oh yeah?  What?
B-rox: A rocketship crashed.

I have Christmas to catch up on.
[It was wonderful and full of joy.]

New things are coming this year!  Exciting things!  (No, not pregnant.  Thank you, grilled cheezus.)
But until it's firmed up and FO SHO -  I can't tell.

The dog still isn't housebroken.  Blah.

Three new races in the books already for the year.

Two "resolutions".  Which is a dumb name, because if I don't achieve them - I'll be a better person for even attempting them and only getting halfway.  (What kind of smarmy, mushy crap is that????)
1. Read 65 books.
2. Run 2,012 miles.  (Averages out to 5.5 a day.)

Woot!  Bring it 2012!