Monday, February 27, 2012

Two Adults, Three Kids, and One Dog. In A Sedan.

For three hours.

Sounds like a joke, right?

I'll admit, it kind of felt like one as we were loading up.  I even had to hand over the reins (steering wheel) to Hubband, because he wouldn't have been able to cram into the seat with the dog like my stubby little legs could.  

But, the trip down to VA Beach went swimmingly, seeing naps from the two younger boys and silence from the third, thanks to a certain quiet button, called "Nintendo".

El Pooch, en route.  She looks rather comfy, eh?
B-rox is currently learning about various presidents in class, the current one being Abraham Lincoln.  So, staying in a log cabin garnered MANY references to Honest Abe over the three day period, as well as many questions like "Do you think Abe Lincoln slept in little beds like this?".

The boys in their "Little special area".  (loft with two twin beds - perfect!)

Saturday, while Hubs was drilling, the boys and I indulged in a day at the Aquarium.

Geeking out over rocks.  So, definitely, my kids. 

This is just for me.  Because it is SO cool.  I love fossils! 

Shark Tank.  

The best moment of the trip.  BEST.
Kenny got to pet a manta ray.  Well, he petted every manta ray, I'm sure.
He sat there petting them for 30 minutes.
The look of wonder on his face, alone, was worth the $50 spent to get in.
Quote upon seeing the picture:
"Oh, that's me, petting a most beautiful manta ray". 

B-rox: Oh my goodness.  I don't ever want to get eaten by one of these guys!
Don't you just love the faces they have?  

The new Cape Henry lighthouse (Left) and the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (Right).
Our cabin was just a couple hundred yards away from the old lighthouse.
Pretty awesome spot to stay.
(They give tours, but the two big boys were too short and you can't carry babies up. BOOOO!)

I. Love. The. Beach.

Time for home.  

And, the soundtrack that accompanied most of the trip.
(We may not make it to 2 years rear-facing.  It's just not ok with my brain - this screaming thing.) 
And with that weekend, we are officially a part of the military system again.  Hello, Navy Reserves.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I am going to BLOW your brain up!

Teeth Brushing time!!!!
I honestly don't know why this picture warmed my heart so much,
I hate bathtime/bedtime ablutions.
It's like they don't know it's coming EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  

I was sick.
Kenny wanted to cuddle. And look slightly evil... 

When you've lived in your house for three years, you should probably make it a point to put art on the walls.
Go Beavs!!!!

For anybody not short, you won't get this:
B-rox is tall enough to REACH THE MONKEY BARS BY HIMSELF!
AAAAAND get across all by himself.
I choose weird moments to have serious maternal pride, don't I?

They're boys.  Doing things by the book, is not in their repertoire...

Holdeezy pulled one of the cook books my grandmother gave me off the shelf.
Out came this REALLY old coupon.
A whopping Seven Cents off a roll of Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls.
Hold the phone, I'm going to be rich!

A small peak at my "in progress" project.

Wipe your nose with the left, not the right.
Trust me... 

Breakfast of champions?
Pineapple slices with yogurt in the middle.  

Over 400 points in WwFs.  Oh yes.  

I will NEVER tire of watching my babies sleep. 

He wore this to school to pick up B-rox in order to "trick everybody into thinking he was a dad coming to pick up his kid."

Latest completed project, inspired by Pinterest.

I HATE the "what's for dinner game".  I hate having to decide what we're having, most of the time at the last minute.
My wonderful hubband is usually no help, as he defers with the question, "What would you like?".
When I saw this one, I knew I'd struck gold.
I don't have to try and plan out a weeks worth of meals - all I have to do is draw them out of the top box and put them in their slot.
Then, I take a gander and write down my grocery list, based on what is on the menu.
Brain strain free!
Also, the boys enjoy it - because there are two cards in there with "Kenny's choice" and "Braxton's Choice".

 Yes, he knows he's not supposed to be climbing...

Spoiled baby much?

There you have it.  The last month(ish) from Miphone point of view.