Monday, February 11, 2013

Mommy has had it up to *here*!

Sometimes, the world becomes a lot.  When it does, you need to get away from it all.
So we did.

The cottage on NAS Oceana that we rented for the weekend.
Old officer housing converted into vacation housing.
3 bedroom house for a steal! 
Some friends from OSU had us over for dinner as soon as we arrived into town.  So, that was awesome.  
The next morning we set out for the Virginia Zoo (in Norfolk).
We're FONZ members, because well, we like zoos.  We are our own zoo... we like to see how others operate.  It turns out, there are zoos and aquariums all over the US that have a reciprocity system.  Norfolk zoo gives free admission to FONZ members.  So, pretty much, we're ballin'. 
Hubband thought he was tough enough to get by with just a track jacket.
The prospect of several hours outside in 20mph winds, in 40 degree weather changed his tune.
We stopped by Target to keep him from becoming a "pop" sicle. 

Continuing the idea that my kids will combust if they look at the camera.

Baby Monkey. 

EVEN THOUGH THE WIND IS INSANE and IT'S FREAKING COLD, we have to visit the beach.
Because the ocean is awesome. 

If the entire rest of the trip had sucked, it would have been a win for me.
Hubband started teaching Holdeezy how to rub my shoulders.

Braxton likes to read the "Stink" series of chapter books.
In the most recent one, the family vacationed in Virginia Beach.
So, when we drove past this guy, who also happens to be IN the book -
We had to stop.
This is, apparently, the biggest gorilla in the world.
Left foot and my children give a good size comparison. 

Mount Trashmore from the top.

Kind lady took a picture of us all together...
And her finger. 

Lunch on the way home. SO good.
I highly recommend the wonton nachos.
(Karen, this place is further south than I remembered, It's in Hampton.
But REALLY recommend.  Really, Really.)  

We had a good time, all in all.  We came back recharged and ready to roll.   That's the point, right? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moving forward.

Working on moving forward.
On keeping the house clean.
On getting "to do" projects done.
On enjoying my boys.
Yes, all four of them.

Job applications submitted.
Crossables are crossed.

This can only mean one thing! Time for more house projects to kill time!

Seriously, a little good mojo this way would be a blessing.