Friday, January 25, 2013

Short People Have Rough Lives.

Normally, Hubband makes the boys' lunches as soon as he's done cleaning up dinner.  The last few days, our fridge has been so full, there hasn't been a place to store the lunch boxes - so I've had to make it in the morning.

Monday night.
Hubs: Hey baby, I'm going to need you to make the lunches in the AM.  No place in the fridge to store them tonight.
Me: Ok. No problem.

The next morning.

Yep.  That's the boxes.  At the top. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hat hair.

It's no secret that NOVA has been hit with a bit of a cold snap.

Today, we got an 1.5 inches of snow and all hell broke loose.

Waiting for a light.  Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find some beauty in your world. 

While you can't see the entirety of the line, it extended for two miles.  All the way to school.
We averaged about 8mph the entire five miles to school. 

What happens to little boys' hair, when faced with a cold snap.
(Hat hair)

The snow is not much more than a dusting, but it really is cold. 

trekkin' through some fresh pow.
To starbucks. 
All in all, I do love the pretty white stuff.  Just keep your head about you, VA, and we'll all get through this just fine.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Busy Work.

I've finally gotten around to re-doing my bathroom.  It's sucking  up a lot of my spare time and keeping my mind occupied.  It's looking fabulous, though to finish the look I want (think French lingerie), my elbows will have to leak just a bit more grease.  Since I'm headed back up to assemble hardware, I'll leave you with a picture post.  All the paint has left my brain cells without the ability to write coherently.

Waiting to see if we'd be spending Christmas in the hospital. 

Home-brewed (and duct-taped) Christmas deliveries! 

"Show Mommy your cute face."

My little blonde Harry Potter.  

The boys home-brewing rootbeer for their friend's Christmas deliveries. 

Probably the funniest band-aid I've ever seen. 

Christmas morning.
It too four hours to get him to put that down and open his other gifts. 

Older model, on Christmas eve. 

I didn't need wine to get through the holidays this year.  Other than illnesses going around - our holidays were wonderful. 

No words.

New thing: Ear 'staches. 

B-rox's 7th birthday breakfast.  

I love his silly face.

Zoo lights for B's 7th birthday, with some college buddies. 

Waiting for the metro, post - zoolights. 

A little tuckered out. 

Spent a day in the ER, hoping he didn't have appendicitis.
(He didn't, thankfully.)

First Lego store purchase, ever! 

If you know Andy, then you know I found his dad. 

Bathroom preview.

It's come a long way since even this picture was taken.
By the time I'm done, it will ooze with so much femininity that the testosterone
torpedoes I live with will bounce off the special estrogen barrier caused by girliness. 

PSA:  Hydrate.