Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hat hair.

It's no secret that NOVA has been hit with a bit of a cold snap.

Today, we got an 1.5 inches of snow and all hell broke loose.

Waiting for a light.  Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find some beauty in your world. 

While you can't see the entirety of the line, it extended for two miles.  All the way to school.
We averaged about 8mph the entire five miles to school. 

What happens to little boys' hair, when faced with a cold snap.
(Hat hair)

The snow is not much more than a dusting, but it really is cold. 

trekkin' through some fresh pow.
To starbucks. 
All in all, I do love the pretty white stuff.  Just keep your head about you, VA, and we'll all get through this just fine.

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TrishA said...

So I take it you folks really love snow in the other Washington! hah ha, at least we just had never-ending fog (and frozen fog, and frozen frozen fog) - did I mention fog? All in all, you get snow, we'll keep the fog =))

Glad you got out though and could keep your sense of humor.