Monday, January 7, 2013

Busy Work.

I've finally gotten around to re-doing my bathroom.  It's sucking  up a lot of my spare time and keeping my mind occupied.  It's looking fabulous, though to finish the look I want (think French lingerie), my elbows will have to leak just a bit more grease.  Since I'm headed back up to assemble hardware, I'll leave you with a picture post.  All the paint has left my brain cells without the ability to write coherently.

Waiting to see if we'd be spending Christmas in the hospital. 

Home-brewed (and duct-taped) Christmas deliveries! 

"Show Mommy your cute face."

My little blonde Harry Potter.  

The boys home-brewing rootbeer for their friend's Christmas deliveries. 

Probably the funniest band-aid I've ever seen. 

Christmas morning.
It too four hours to get him to put that down and open his other gifts. 

Older model, on Christmas eve. 

I didn't need wine to get through the holidays this year.  Other than illnesses going around - our holidays were wonderful. 

No words.

New thing: Ear 'staches. 

B-rox's 7th birthday breakfast.  

I love his silly face.

Zoo lights for B's 7th birthday, with some college buddies. 

Waiting for the metro, post - zoolights. 

A little tuckered out. 

Spent a day in the ER, hoping he didn't have appendicitis.
(He didn't, thankfully.)

First Lego store purchase, ever! 

If you know Andy, then you know I found his dad. 

Bathroom preview.

It's come a long way since even this picture was taken.
By the time I'm done, it will ooze with so much femininity that the testosterone
torpedoes I live with will bounce off the special estrogen barrier caused by girliness. 

PSA:  Hydrate. 

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