Friday, October 30, 2009

Giving... and some recieving

The other day Mark and I did our semi-annual purge of the boys' toys. This year though, we had them get involved.

We have been trying to get Braxton and Kieran to think less about their gimmies, and more about the people around them - and how Braxton and Kieran can help them. Community service is a pretty big deal for us. For me especially. I know there were times when I was little that without the help of nice people my mom and I would have had a much rougher time of things.

So this year we had them go through their toys with us, and put aside the toys they wanted to keep and what toys needed to go. They did awesome! We were very impressed by the fact that Braxton honestly told us what toys they played with and what they did not. Anything they weren't overly thrilled with was put aside. In fact, I think it may have been harder for Mark and I on a few selections - just because we thought the toys were pretty nifty. After some reflection though, we realized that the boys were right. The toys they selected would be better off in someone else's home.

The toys they decided could "make other kids happy in their houses because they don't have any". (Braxton's wording)

Very proud of them!

Now for the holiday/birthday season that is upon us!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Embarrassment. Plain and Simple.

Today I was the mother of those kids. You know the kind I'm talking about. The "OMG - I can't believe she takes those gremlins out in public. I would never allow such disbehavior in my children" kind of kids.

I ran errands while Braxton was in school. It's easier with only one to lug around. But, I couldn't finish them all - so I left the one I figured would be the easiest for after I picked up the B-rox.
I just had to stop by the FHC pharmacy and pick up a refill on a prescription. (Ironically, birth control - as if this visit didn't end up being enough to keep me 10ft away from Mark at all times...) I called the Rx in last week, and usually just two day is enough. I figured a week should be plenty.

We get there - and first off the boys absconded with my ID. For those who are not militarily aquainted, without your ID you can't do jack. To put it simply. No base, no NEX, no healthcare. With a small exception. You can sign a little sheet of paper saying "I promise I'm allowed here, I'll come up with my ID sometime in the next 30 days". So I fill that out with many a "Don't put that in your mouth" and "stop, stop, stop". Ugh.

Then I get in line and get my number. Usually it takes about ten minutes from this point 'til I'm walking out the door.

This is where the fun began. I do not know what posessed my children.
Kieran started screaming. I have no idea - still - what it was about. Bloody murder, kicking, hitting, and some thrashing. A serious tantrum, out of the blue.

Braxton started jumping from chair to chair. Wait - what?????? Yup. Jumping. From chair to chair. Of course I tried to stop him. But the moment I would turn to try and shut Kieran's pie hole he'd be trying some new wipeout move.

Tock... (yes, all that crap is still going on, in fact, getting worse)

I am now 45 minutes into this "run into the clinic and pick up my Rx", something that should NOT be happening - that's why I call the refill in ahead of time.
So like any mother on the edge I walk up to the counter and demand they tell me what the hell is so hard about grabbing a PRE-PACKAGED BOX OF THREE MONTHS WORTH OF BIRTH CONTROL??????? Especially when I called it in a week ago.

Both of my children are now screaming like Banshees. Kieran, again, I have no clue what was going on there. Braxton was screaming because I was holding his hand, tightly, to ensure that he would not get away from me while I was trying to deal with the problem.

After a couple of "ma'am, it's not ready yet"s, and me replying with "That is not my fault, I called it in a week ago"s. Eventually, after much screaming (again, the boys - not me. I was very calm considering...) They realized the problem. (I'm pretty sure they're idiots. That's what I think the problem is.) Voila - they reach into the fridge and pull out a pre-packaged box, of three months worth of birth control. Oh, and their parting quip was "You might want to be more patient in the future - you're not the only patient waiting. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????? Clowns.

So we leave. I'm am drenched in sweat, insanely embarrassed, pissed and defeated. I have never felt like such a failure. Oh, and they're still screaming as we leave. When we got to the car, Braxton escalated to the point of kicking and punching my car.

I pulled everything out of my arsenal today. I still failed. I do not even know what to do, or how to change this. I pray it's just a phase. Or better yet - a one time thing. I am not sure if I can spend another day feeling like a broken mom. Like I'm failing them somehow. I don't know what to do.

I was the mom with those kids today. And I don't even know what to do about it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Whining...

The habit my boys have that annoys me the most is the whining. Crying is ok (well it's not... but its better than whining), Yelling I can deal with, screaming and kicking is alright with me too - I'll just step over it. I hate whining. It drives me bonkers. Seriously. Ask the husband. Nothing makes me crazier....

Except this:
Not the greatest picture. (Taken with my phone - which does not have an awesome camera) But yes, those are cars all the way up that hill and around that corner. It took me fifteen minutes to make it off the shot. Ugh. [I added the second picture hoping it would be better... I don't think it is]

Whining and traffic. Such a winning combination. All pre-coffee. It's a durn good thing I reset the alarm for 45 minutes later...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mad Skillz

Braxton showing off his genius:

He built the house on the front block for block. My favorite part? How proud he was of himself.

Kieran on the other hand... did not. I think he may have been a little unhappy about it...


In case my Dyson breaks.
Yes, he's eating them off of the floor. Yes, He dumped them out in quite the elaborate fashion and then ate them. No, I didn't care. Have at it kid.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Without the flames...

This is where the boys decided to eat breakfast Monday morning. Apparently it was chilly in the house. Braxton told me "it's like I'm camping at a fire mom. It's roasting my booty".

Whatever works I suppose...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Swine Flu...

I'm not panicked about it - are you? We are taking a few extra-precautions in the hopes that maybe we can skip it. Now that there have been two, scratch that several cases (the sign they posted yesterday with two printed was scratched out and several was written above it... awesome) in Braxton's school, my guess is we're not going to be immune. We'll pray for the best.
Wash your hands folks. Cough/sneeze into your arms and shirts - not your hands. Use a tissue once. Don't lick people. Pretty easy ways to help stop the spread of disease.

In other news, Bikini girl was back at it this morning. Since the weather is cold she's decided to cover up. By cover up, I mean she was wearing jogging shorts and a bikini top today. A red one.
Oh, she brought a friend. A personal trainer - who, thankfully, was dressed appropriately for the gym. I hope maybe this lady helps BG learn a few more things about the gym other than how to do a proper bicep curl or leg lift.

Lately I've been tired. I don't know if I'm just being a weenie about recovering from holes in my spine - or if there is something else going on. It's probably a tumah. Actually, I think it's because my house is messy. I become very unmotivated when my house is a mess. I feel like my house is huge and when it's a mess I don't know where to start and overwhelmed by everthing. I guess it's time to put the kids in a kiddie training class so they can do it.

I was watching "Big Bang Theory" this morning and decided that it would be cool to learn Klingon. I then decided to type that as my facebook status. Thusly, I learned that Klingon is in the iPhone dictionary and self-capitalizes. I also learned from my bro-in-law that Klingon is not very useful. To that I replied that I've studied spanish, french and arabic. Frankly the "useful" languages haven't done me much good since I got knocked up. (Probably because pregnancy brain made me forget most of what I'd learned. That or lack of practice...) Either way, learning to say diaper in Klingon might make the whole changing them ordeal a little more interesting.
Does Rosetta Stone have a Klingon pack?

I don't like people who tell me I won't be complete until I've tried to have a girl. Uhm, hello - it's my uterus. Keep your nose out of it. Yes, random lady from the other day, I'm talking to you. If I decide to have a girl - I'm not risking my husband's Y crazy sperm. I'm going to buy it off of Ebay. (Just joking - obviously that was a lame joke. I think adoption is wonderful and Mark and I still consider the possibility of it. Just not until after I've gone back to school.)

I hate peanut butter. I also love it. It is one of like three protiens Braxton actually eats. When I make PBF sandwiches for him, I glob probably five tbsp. on there. It's good for him - even if I'm barely choking down my gag reflex the whole time I'm spreading it on.

Well, it's time for me to be all Donna Reed on this place and cook dinner. Here's to the hope everyone who reads this today has a fantastic day. (Or a fantastic tomorrow. That would work too.)

Project Runway...

...Without Heidi Klum, or a runway....

Mrs. Wookie schooling the hell out of me on the pinning and cutting of patterns. Thanks for the help. I did the stitching. Apparently the thought that my machine has a bajillion functions makes Mrs. Wookie's brain explode.

What were we making? Halloween costumes. The boys want to be super heroes. We made capes. The unveiling will happen on halloween. Unless you come to my house. Then you can see a preview as the boys race around like crazy people yelling "We're flying, we're flying!".

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stuck On You.

What Kieran does instead of listening to church service:
Whatever works, I suppose...

Rubby Rubby!

Mrs. Wookie is in town! That means daddy gets the boys and she and mommy are getting a rubby rubby!

What is a rubby rubby you ask?
A rubby rubby is wonderfulness on your tootsies.
Mrs. Wookie agrees. Mud mask soaking in with hot towels. Mmmmmmm......Good way to start the day. Rubby Rubby.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When mom isn't watching...

... Or at least when they think mom isn't watching:

He was, apparently, hungry. He pulled a chair up to the pantry so he could open it, and then went through the whole list of all contents inside.

"Doodles - no, cans - no, oatmeal - no, bars - no, cheerios - yum." No joke.

When I took the second picture the shutter noise scared the bujeezies out of him. He was really oblivious to my presence the whole time.

Why can't I have a kid that is just happy not growing up?

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Kenny in the Tub.

I don't like to give the boys baths, and the only reason as to why that I can come up with is that by the end of the day I'm tuckered out. So, I let Mark bathe them and I lotion them up and get them in jammies. It's our system - and it works.

Except when it doesn't. Like when Mark has to work late. Boys stink. You can't just not give them a bath.

The other day it was one of those days where it didn't work. However, I ended up being amused by Kieran. He spent the whole bath time proving my Developmental Psych paper on how babies are incredibly egocentric.

Love this kid...

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm tired. Have been all week. I don't know why, either.

With the exception of Monday, (and don't even get me started on that day), I've taken a nap every single day - and have still been in bed, asleep, before 10pm.

What is up with me? ugh. Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Because it's October.

It's Breast Cancer awareness Month.

This Dance was from last season of "So You Think You Can Dance".

It's a tear jerker. The dance is about a woman who has breast cancer and the struggles that she and her partner deal with.

Do your checks - and be aware. It's October people.

Now if only there were a monthly check for your ovaries...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Johnstown, PA

Two weeks ago, we made a trek to Johnstown, PA for a pig roast.

I did not get many pictures of the trip that I'm entirely happy with. We learned two lessons from that trip: 1) Sarah should not be trusted to pack while on painkillers. She forgets things...

2) Sarah does not take awesome pictures on painkillers.
At the top of the incline. Johnstown has the steepest incline in the world, ya know! On the way to the incline...

Yeah - it was ridiculously steep - and far up. All Kieran seemed to want to do was go through the railing and see how well he rolled.Love Family pictures...And Grampa Paul is P.I.M.P.