Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have to beg for an extension to my blogging sabbatical.

This month I have had a son's lungs shut down.
The other son has had three ear infections - making 13 (or 14 - depending on how you count) total.
I was sick during that. So sick Mark had to take sick leave for me.
Then we saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
Some fat dude sat in the way of it.
I have pink eye.
Braxton has pink eye and an allergy/mild virus issue.

I'm sure Kieran will have pink eye here in the next day or two.

I'm just so stinking exhausted.

I'm sorry folks, I need a little more time than two weeks to recover apparently.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm tired.

I won't be blogging for a while, because I'm tired.

Bear with me and check back in about two weeks, because I won't be blogging, because I'm tired.

When I come back, rejuvinated and not tired, expect the following posts:

Mother's day with 27 preschoolers and kindergarteners.

When houses get messy.

Mark's Toy, and how I often feel like destroying it. (A tie in to the "when houses get messy".)

Until then, goodnight. Because I'm tired.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I so most definitely stole this from rants from mommyland

I love you, Mom.
I think you rock.
Even if your feet are little,
and don't fit in a normal sock.

It was me and you for many years
You taught me mucho,
and wiped my tears
The best part was you did it with gusto! (horrible rhyme, sue me)

You enabled a strong addiction
The smell of shoes I can't resist
Because of this my marriage sees friction
But never once did you say "desist"

You taught me to cook and clean
amidst much protestation
To sit up straight and not be mean
You'd smack my head without hesitation

Your hugs I miss most often
The love you gave was unwavering
You didn't sleep inside a coffin
I think that's cool. (seriously, nothing rhymes with unwavering)

This poem is horrible
But it's the best I can do
I didn't want to be smorrible
Or all gushy on you.

I love you tons Mom,
and am Thankful everyday
'Cuz you da' bomb
In. Every. Single. Way.

Happy Mother's day. To my Mom, My gramma and My Mother in Law. You are all fabulous ladies, and my life would be much less awesome without you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Blog Hop

So, I got on this bandwagon a few days late. You can thank the petri-dish I call preschool for that one. I have a stockpile of drugs now, and can type most of the things I want to say. With minimal spelling errors! *high five*

Anyway, this is my little bio for the blog hop put on by the Wife at Riding the Roller Coaster. Such a great idea! She's probably gorgeous, too. Some girls just have all the luck...

I'm Mommy McD. As myself, I'm not that interesting. Add my husband, A Naval Reactors Nuclear Engineer and my two trolls, B-rox and Kenny - my life becomes a circus. That's what I write about here. Sometimes, I like to add a little of what's on my mind. On the days that I can find it anyway...

We live in the greater DC area and minus the traffic, smog and living 3,000 miles away from family - we kind of like it. My husband's job here is pretty much classified out the wang, so I'll sum it up by saying he does black-ops for nerds.
We met at Oregon State University, where he volun-told me for swim team. Our meet cute? Not so cute. It went something like this:

Hubband (who wasn't hubband then, he was nerdy boy in glasses): "Hey, Holding! You're a female! Want to join my swim team?"

Me (who was thinner, but didn't have as many shoes): "Gee, thanks for noticing - and no. I don't. Have a nice day."

Later that day:

Gunny (who happened to be a scary SOB): "Hey, Holding! I hear you joined the swim team! Good job, way to be involved."

Me (now, very confused as I was pretty sure I had said no...): "Uhm, I'm pretty sure I said no."

Gunny (remember - scary SOB): "Too late now, you're on the list."

I got all scrunchy faced on hubband the first few workouts - just so that he knew I wasn't happy.
It didn't work. I fell in love (with a boy in a speedo - we're going to last fo-evah folks.) and married him.

Then we had our first son, B-rox. Who is now four, and scaring me with his intellect. His favorite superhero is Thor, because they both have "long, yellow hair".
23 months later, we had our other son, Kenny. Who is now two, and the exact same size as his older brother. His favorite superhero is "Hulk Smash". Probably, because at two - smashing things is fun.

Now, me. I am a stay at home mom, which means I don't stay at home very much. I love to run for fun, and subject my family to torture - otherwise known as sitting in front of the camera.
I was born and raised in Oregon. So, after that statement I'll answer a few questions I know are brimming in your head:
Yes, I love to eat granola.
Yes, I love recycling
Yes, I love the rain
Yes, I love trees
No, I didn't know what smog really was until I moved to the east coast.
No, the "mountains" on the east coast aren't really mountains. They're hills.
Yes, I shave my legs.
Yes, I love shoes.

Alright, you probably, actually, didn't care about those last two...

That's about it for now... If you want to know more, come on back!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I live.

So, I'm alive. Thanks to a really nice doctor last night, I have my own stockpile of drugs to help me stop sounding like an 80 smoker lady.

It's hawt.

The boys. They're fine. Thankfully.

Braxton returned to school just in time to see the butterflies come out of their chrysalis', and is pretty sure the coolest thing that's ever happened to him is the get well cards his class sent him.

Being sick and tired, I cried over every single one. Until Braxton stopped letting me read them.
"Mom, you can't read them if you're going to cry. Because that's silly."

This Mother's day, I really wish I were with my mom. I see a skype session in my future.
Miss you mom.

I wrote all that just so I could put "Miss you mom" in my blog. I'm *such* a dedicated daughter.