Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I live.

So, I'm alive. Thanks to a really nice doctor last night, I have my own stockpile of drugs to help me stop sounding like an 80 smoker lady.

It's hawt.

The boys. They're fine. Thankfully.

Braxton returned to school just in time to see the butterflies come out of their chrysalis', and is pretty sure the coolest thing that's ever happened to him is the get well cards his class sent him.

Being sick and tired, I cried over every single one. Until Braxton stopped letting me read them.
"Mom, you can't read them if you're going to cry. Because that's silly."

This Mother's day, I really wish I were with my mom. I see a skype session in my future.
Miss you mom.

I wrote all that just so I could put "Miss you mom" in my blog. I'm *such* a dedicated daughter.

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