Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little is Better than Nothing.

Braxton can climb the stairs without turning purple and looking like Violet from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Minus the bloating, because lets face it - that kid has never been fat in his life.
This is a huge improvement.
He still hacks at the top like an 80 year old with lung cancer but, a little is better than nothing.

And now I spend every other second wracked with guilt over the fact that I didn't notice he was blue.

Let me reiterate: HE WAS BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have butt-lock. From sitting on the couch non-stop. The only breaks I get are to go to the bathroom. Because my kid can't get active. When he does, he chokes and deprives his Pac-10 bound brain of precious oxygen. (GO BEAVERS!)
Or answer the door to some very friendly friends, who took pity on my couch/housebound self to bring me coke.
If it were legal in Virginia I'd marry those ladies.
How many rules could I break with one union????

Braxton is improving. It's slow, and he's ready to beat me with his mask and chamber - but he'll live.

That's good.

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McDorky said...

Don't feel guilty. From the pictures you posted, it was hard for me to tell that he was blue, too :) Kids usually are all different colors
(from food, dirt, markers, etc.) which makes it so hard to tell if something is really off! It happens to me all the time with my students - I think they have a HUGE bruise or cut, and then after I scrub them, it magically disappears... You are a great momma - attentive and assertive - it was NOT your fault...