Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Fun Afternoon....

Only, it wasn't.

Braxton has horrible allergies. I've tried to get him in to see a specialist, but Tricare is awesome and all I have yet to get is a scrip for zyrtec.
Did you know you're not supposed to give allergy meds when your body is fighting off a bug?
I did.
So, when Braxton got sick last week, we exchanged zyrtec for tylenol and motrin.
Which, is fine.
If your kid gets better.
After a week B-rox still had a fever, and now had a horrific cough - where if he did more than shuffle along, he started choking. Last night we had an awesome public puking event as a result...

This morning it was worse. Luckily, I was up at the butt-crack of dawn to make appointments for both boys. (Kieran has his 15th ear infection...)

{This is where I feel like dropping an anvil on my head as recipient of "The worst mom ever award"}

We are checked in, and back in the vitals station when the Braxton starts his hacking. The nurse notices he's turning blue...

Unless your kid has recently eaten m&m's, sucked a marker, or eaten a blue raspberry dum dum - this is no bueno.

The thing is - what she was pointing out - has been there ALL weekend.

I chalked up the blue circles under his eyes to lack of sleep and the cold. I couldn't really tell his lips were blue because they're so chapped from breathing out of his mouth and wiping his snot.
and who looks at their kids' fingernails? All you're going to see 98% of the time is dirt. And that is gross.

So, neb treatment at the FHC - so that I could transport him to the hospital without an ambulance.

That treatment brought his blood/ox level to 91/92. Slight improvement over the 88 at the FHC.

After the improvement to 92 - and some consulting between docs, they sent us back to the FHC where B-rox had his third neb and got him stabilized at 95.

Which is still low but they're "comfortable" with that.

Supposedly it's going to go up as he gets over this bug, and has more treatments.

They don't lend out their little blood/ox machines for peace of mind. I asked.

So, he'll live - I just have to shove this stuff in his face all the time.
We did however, score the potential for a referral. It just took my kid nearly suffocating for it to happen...

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