Friday, April 16, 2010

Parenting Fail.

Unfortunately - I have many of these.

I love my kids, and hope that that will be enough. Or at least not make them utter curse words at me when they're forking over large sums of money to somebody who can shrink their head...

Anyway, it's no secret that the drivers where I live are... less than stellar.

People in Virginia have this habit of rolling while at a stop light. Even if the light JUST turned red for them - and they know they'll have to wait through an entire cycle of lights, they just keep rollin'. More often than not, they end up halfway in the intersection before the light turns green.

Last time I checked - red means STOP!

Yesterday, I was on my way to pick up Mark, and needed to make a right turn out onto the highway.
When I pulled up there was a car in the lane next to me waiting to make a left turn. So I scooched up until I could just see around them and waited for an opening. Except - the left turner decided that they needed to start rolling. Thus blocking my view.
So I scooched.
They rolled.
I scooched.
They rolled.

During this encounter, I was getting very frustrated. This guy knew I couldn't see around him and he kept rolling anyway. About the third scooch/roll, I let out a grunt.

B-rox, being ever observant and awesome decides to yell out "Get out of my mom's way you jackahomo! We need to go pick up my daddy!!!".

Now, I know that in Parenting 101, they tell you you're not supposed to laugh when your kid does something naughty.

Saying Jackahomo is pretty naughty in my book. I laughed. Hard.

So, obviously this is a parenting fail on many levels.

1. I need to work on watching what I say when I'm in the car...
2. I should not teach my children naughty words to say
3. I should not laugh when they say them.

[Note: I do realize how hypocritical the "I scooched - he rolled" part was. But, I would have remained stopped - had they not blocked my visibility. Them... I have no clue when their issue was.]

{Second note - we had stop signs, not a stop light. The traffic we were trying to enter had no stopping device. And it was rush hour. That left turner probably didn't make it out of there until this morning when traffic started going the other way...}

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Rochelle said...

HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it - brings me back to the (not so) good old NSO days :)