Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Hell of a Day.

Today, Hubband turns 26. He also graduated. Again.

Today was the official certificate ceremony for his masters. It was a degree in a lot of gobblety-gook-geek-speak.

Trust me, you don't care that much.

Getting the second very expensive piece of paper. Good part? The Navy paid for it. Again.
The man with the hair is the hubband's boss man. Admiral Donald. (and if you're wondering what's with Kenny's faces, my guess is he was practicing his "Blue Steel".)
He is a man of many talents. At graduation ceremonies he poses for family pictures, and at the Christmas party, you can bring your newly born up for an "Admiral's Blessing".
He's kinda like the Pope. Better hair though...

Happy birthday hubband.
I'm proud of you babe. I'm proud of me too. Next degree is mine - deal?

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