Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On My Mind.

*I love my kids. This week they've been fairly well behaved and cuddly. It's been great because I could use the lovin'.

*It makes me very angry to see people who do not properly buckle up their kids.

*I make the best mac&cheese in the world. Ok, maybe not the world, but I'm young...

*I haven't been able to eat wings since I had an unfortunate meeting with morning sickness over the Fox 'n' Firkin's 10 cent wing night. They seem to be confronting me everywhere I go now. I'm being haunted by wings. Yes, I am crazy.

*My neighbors, save for one family, make me angry because they don't recycle. Like, ever. They have reduced me to the crazy neighbor lady who steals their trash and then puts it out on recycling day. I'm too young to have an official title like that.

*Mrs. Wookie was here (sorry bob, hyperlink not so working much) this weekend. I cried when she left. I'm not excited to see her go back to the best coast. For purely selfish reasons, of course.

*I bought a pair of shoes this weekend. I loved them, and have had my eye on them since January.
Hubband saw them, hated them, and called them names.
I returned them. Returning shoes? Painful.

*A bank in my hometown was robbed/bomb scared this week - and all I could think was "Seriously - LaPine? These people are obviously idiots. There has to be a better place to do this. Half of Oregon hasn't even heard of LaPine..."

*How do you italicize an asterisk?

*I was watching "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" this morning while drinking my coffee, (Go ahead, judge) and Kieran came in the room and asked "Why is Braxton on TV?"
Maybe I'm related to Tori or Dean - and that's why their son is my son's doppleganger.

*I have eaten my weight in krispied kale in the last month. Muy delish.

*I saw Elmo "krump" on the moon this morning. Not sure I'll ever recover.

*I've had the "Reading Rainbow" song stuck in my head for about a week.

*Tonight, I will finally see the new Dr. Who. Mark and I are dubious - because lets face it, David Tennant is one of the best Doctor's ever.

*If you haven't ever watched "Top Gear", you should. Flippin' hilarous.

*Which, makes me think of two things. 1) I haven't seen JJJ in fo-evah. and 2)A lot of what is on my mind is TV. Which means I'm watching too much, since there are many weeks where the boys don't get any until the weekend. Maybe Mark is right - letting go of cable could be good for me.

*I keep reviewing the Dr. Who sentence, and I can't figure out if "Doctor's" should have an apostrophe or not...

*I want a "city-life composter". One that is made for the city dweller. (i.e. doesn't stink). I think we could cut down our "trash" even more. It would be awesome.

*Is it a sin to throw up after taking communion? I wasn't feeling well two weeks ago and after communion got a wiff of someone with less than desirable showering habits. Hopefully the bushes outside the chapel forgive me.

*I'm going to stop there. I'm sure I've scared enough of my rather small following at this point...

3 reviews:

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

You are going to have to try much harder to scare people away...

Missy said...

LOVE Tori & Dean, I DVR it and watch it when Taylor's napping. I so want a compost thingy too! LOL

Mommy McD said...

Ashley, that's so sweet.
Or is it a dare? 'Cause I'll do it...