Monday, November 30, 2009

Bedtime Stories by Braxton.

Now, he was incredibly nervous about doing this in front of the video camera. So, it seems like he doesn't know the words. Trust me - he does. And I find it amazing every time. (So, pretty much every night)

I know he isn't actually reading. What I find amazing is that he can recite it back to us after only once or twice reading it to him.

On the reading front, he can now sound out a few "words". COCO, JUJU, DADA, etc.

My baby is growing up. It's painful and wonderful all at the same time. Who knew?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Stay at Home Mom...

In need of a Nanny. Or a gramma close by would work. Unfortunately I have neither. And I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed.

My to do list: (and I'm pretty sure it all needed to be done about weeks ago...)

1. Get the thank you cards out for the boys' birthday party. The party was on the 7th. I worked on them immediately - but the plans I had for them included a photo printer, who I found out has gone out of business {thank you sucky economy} and I have yet to find another. I'm going to have to settle for Costco or Target. I'm pretty sure three weeks past the date is a faux pas...

2. Blog the boys' birthday party.

3. Blog the pumpkin Smash

4. File a law suit. Without a lawyer. I have no clue what I'm doing... oi.

5. Take Mark's clothes to the dry cleaner.

6. Work on a quilt that should have been done in August...

7. Take a family photo.
7b. Use said photo to make Christmas cards
7c. Send said Christmas cards to all loved ones.

8. Finish Christmas shopping.
*Uncle Sneaky, Aunt Bop, Daddy, Pa Hat, Aunt Kelley, please send me your lists. I do not need to tax my brain anymore than necessary!

9. Send Christmas gifts out - in time to arrive by Dec. 24, as nothing is delivered on the 25th.

10. Make sure I am up early enough to get Santa Train tickets tomorrow morning. The boys are not going to want to miss this!

All this, is on top of chauffering around the kids and husband. Cleaning the house, cooking food, keeping the boys from killing themselves/eachother, and loving them. (ok, so that last one is pretty stinkin' easy to do!)

December 29th has never looked so good!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Operation: Sea Trials.

As I've mentioned before, Mark had to go underway over Turkey day week. Not awesome. But, Mr. and Mrs. Wookie decided to let us come crash their pad for the week. Pretty nice of them considering I come with two trolls in tow - everywhere.

Sunday we drove down, and after we arrived Mark got word that the boat was good to go for Sea Trials. Yay! Almost.
We're in bed, almost asleep when I hear that lame-o ring on his phone go off. Something on the boat broke. (Of course it did... what else did you expect?)
He tells me that I may or may not hear from him Monday night. That was the first time I've ever NOT wanted him to call. He didn't. So, on went our vacation.

After breakfast at the Embassy Suites (yay, free food!!!!), two hours driving the circle that is 64/264 during naptime, an unsuccessful trip to the beach, a break-dancing competition in an Ihop, and an hour and a half perusing the wonderousness that is Target - we finally got the green light to show up on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Wookie. Aunt Bop and Uncle Wookie to us. Remember the bit about free food? Well, this was Kenny's breakfast of choice. Fruitloops, cantaloupe, and scrambled eggs, all doused in milk. He ate it all. Pre-break dancing in the Ihop creamer pyramid. Another enginerd on our hands? Possibly.
Upon showing up to the Abode de Wookie, we then learned the art of video-gaming. The perfect homework procrastination machine...
The next night Uncle Wookie made the boys work for their stay.
Wednesday, we hit up the Nauticus. A hugeoid museum devoted to pirates, the Navy, an old battleship. Braxton on the periscope. I really couldn't tell you why he looks so frightened...Then we jumped in a drop of blood. Sounds gross right? The childrens exhibit (or rather one of them) was about cells. This was a giant way to show the different cells that make up a drop of blood. I actually think Braxton learned something here... maybe. Then we played with a giant magnifying glass. Hilarity ensued. Gross right? What kid wants to watch deadly diseases grown to larger than their head? Mine did. Three times.
Look at the camera means "do anything but". Yes, I do love when my kids get stuck in portions of children's exhibits. I do take pictures. I think it's hilarious.Kieran, channeling his inner missile. Because what else would I have them stick their head through? A SWO? I think not...
Yes, we bought our tickets to the gun show. USS Wisconsin.

Then we called it a night with some tv on the wall. (They have a projector, instead of a tv.)

Braxton: "Mom, how did you get the DVD into the wall?"

Me: "I'm magic."

Braxton: "Oh, wow. That's awesome."

Next Stop: Thanksgiving in Norfolk.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Somebody Poisoned the Water Hole!

I hate the term "there's something in the water". Especially regarding pregnancy.
I hated being pregnant. Even before the pregnancies were all complicated and stuff. I hated morning sickness, I hated not being able to eat deli meats and sprouts. I hated not being able to go water skiing. I hated being so durn tired. Then I got huge. Then I got put on bed rest and suffered from kidney stones. Then I had preterm labor. Pregnancy became my worst enemy. Then I gave birth. It was great. 45 minutes from 2cm to baby in my arms. You're jealous right? I would be, if I weren't me. Time went by fast, and at 15 months my baby started sleeping through the night. To celebrate, we unknowingly make baby dos.

And that was another nine months of "ugh, I can't believe this is happening again".

I drink filtered water. I know it's stupid. But that phrase honestly has me scared I'll get pregnant from hydrating.

And we all know hydration is very important.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

That Place is Run by GOOOONS!

Last week Mark and I got word that the Navy is sending him 20,000 leagues under the sea over Turkey Day week.

I was bummed.

One, because I love my husband and I love when he's around. People who feel that way don't want them to be gone over major holidays.

Two, because if those damn goons down in Newport News had their heads on straight - this trip would have happened sometime back in August, September, or October.

Three, and mostly this reason, if we had had more notice, we could have made arrangements for me and the boys to fly back home. I haven't spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family since Mark and I got married. I miss my family and seeing them once every 15 months is too long of a wait. I honestly don't know when I'll see them next.

So for those friends who opened their homes to us so we wouldn't be alone - thanks. We love you too.

On that note, I'm headed down today to spend the week with a mentally ill ging with bush baby eyes and her silver back gorilla. Mr. and Mrs. Wookie - here we come!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009...

Is Kieran's second birthday. My baby. I cannot believe how fast you've grown. I swear it was about 3.7 seconds ago that the nurse was screaming for the doctor because you were delivering yourself!

But apparently, It's been two years.

In those two years you've:

*Gained 22lbs (now weighs 29lbs)

*Grown 12 inches (now 35 inches)

*learned to walk, run, and jump off of stuff. I'm not sure how fond I am of that last one...

*Said your first word, sentence and now speak in paragraphs.

*Had 10 ear infections. (I'm pretty sure we need to see someone about that, kiddo)

*Grown uber attached to a cardboard book and a stuffed manta ray.

*Lived in two different states.

*Given me more joy than I can express on a blog. (Also more sleepless nights than I can count...)

I love you Kenny! Happy Birthday big boy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Before Dawn

When you wake up way, way, way, too early (Which, I do every day...) you get to see the sunrise.
View out my front window. My view was much more exceptional than yours is of this. Lucky me.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Powers.

*Quick note: I'm still going through Party pics and Punkin' patch pics. Bear with me, I'll get them up soon.

The boys party last weekend was themed "superheros". It was wicked fun. At the party, one of their friends, Bella, informed us that she doesn't have any super powers because she doesn't eat her vegetables. It was funny - and a pretty creative idea on her parents' part.

For those who have had the wonderful experience of eating a meal with Braxton, you know that he doesn't actually eat. Well, he does - if it's white. Noodles, bread, yogurt, cereal... etc.
Except lately. He's at least taken bites of everything, and eaten entire servings of a few others. It's been huge in our house. Like the "Potty on the toilet" dance in "Look Who's talking Too" kind of huge. We're considering erecting a monument dedicated to this breakthrough.

Anyway, Most days I have to wake Braxton up in order to get him ready for school. Thursday was no exception. Well, there was an exception. The first words out of his mouth weren't "i'm hungry". He lifted his hand up and looked at it for a second before starting to look very confused. Then, a lightbulb went off and he looked at me and said, "mom, I've been eating sooo good lately, my hand is getting superpowers!". Now, I'm just going to assume here, that he slept on his hand and it fell asleep. Apparently his superhero oriented brain assumed he was getting his superpowers in, because he had been eating well.

I'm soooo not dissuading him of that notion. I'll run over anybody who tries.

It was pretty funny though. Especially, since just a couple of days before hand, I read this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

If I wait one more second...

... My head might explode.

I must post this picture. Then go to the dentist... ugh.

A big woohoo to anybody who can tell me where this picture was taken...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me.

I've already gotten my Christmas present from Mark.

He bought me my entry into the 2010 Shamrock Half Marathon.

I'm pretty stuck. Once Mark spends money there is no going back.

Luckily I have 129 days until this race, and this lady is going with me. So is her man, but he plans on showing us exactly how manly he is and running ahead of us.

As long as we don't get caught up in the post-race-street-sweeper, I'm good.

Bob, we're going to rock this Shamrock!

Fungus Stuffed with Mold.

I'm sure you were all scratching your head over that one in the last post. Or you weren't. Whatever.

Tuesday nights are nights mark gets home "early". By early, I mean 6:30 pm. I planned on making quite the meal and got started on it at about 5:45.

Then I got a phone call, about two minutes later. It was Mark. Saying his train was delayed.
This is not an uncommon occurrence. 15 minutes - who cares?

I continued making the appetizer. (I told you, I had big plans for this meal!)

Once I got the appetizer in the oven, I checked the VRE website.

A little pop up appeared on the site saying; Kiss that delicous dinner goodbye, you're husband isn't coming home until tomorrow. Ok, what it really said was "Train *** is delayed by 81 minutes". My version was just more descriptive. Because, you see, the 81 minutes were just the minutes he was parked up at the station in DC. That didn't include his 45 minute ride home, and the 15ish minutes it takes him to drive here.

Now, why did I tell you all of this? And what in the H - E - Double hockey sticks does it have to do with the title?

Because the appetizer that I was so lovingly preparing was this:

Brie stuffed mushrooms. Or, Fungus stuffed with Mold - and then covered in weeds.

So easy to make. Even more delicious. The Pioneer Woman gave me the recipe. Because let's face it. I'll never be Ree Drummond, or as fabulous. But I try.

I ate the whole thing. All. By. Myself. That delicous meal I had planned for Mark? Not so much. Poor guy got grilled cheese and canned soup.

You wish you were my mouth last Tuesday. Just not my thighs.

Friday, November 6, 2009

String Around My Finger...

To remind myself to post about these things:

*The Pumpkin Smash we spent all day at.

*The boys' birthday party tomorrow.

*Fungus stuffed with mold.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Made for Me...

Two of my favorite things in life are shoes, and escaping to my bathtub for a reading session.

Did I ever dream of combining the two? Nope.
But some Italian did.

The best stuff always comes from Italy doesn't it? Pasta... Shoes... bathtub shoes. Wonderosity.

I. Want. One.

Claw foot tubs? Move the hell over. I'm getting a stilleto foot tub!

Tuesdays with Kenny

Kieran and I have about 15 hours a week where it's just the two of us. Not only can I get errands done with only one kid (which is amazing, btw) I can make it special time for us.

Every Tuesday Kieran and I enjoy a Panera breakfast. I enjoy a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich and he enjoys the cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Both delish.

Bagel 'stach. He doesn't look crazy at all. Note: This picture is from last Tuesday. This morning (like most mornings) he was wearing his jammies when we dropped his brother off. Braxton's teacher even commented on it today. Of course, she said she totally did the same thing when her kids were little - so I don't feel bad. Today after nap. The face that hasn't stopped since he woke up. The reason both boys are down in the playroom and I'm upstairs blogging. The face that has me wishing I were in Bali, doing yoga on the beach. The face that works so hard to negate all the cuteness above.

Those are Tuesdays with Kenny.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A "Super" Halloween!

Trick or Treat was the name of the Game.

The players:
Super Mom, Q-boy, X-man, and Rich from the Imagination Movers.
He spent the whole night trailing behind everyone else. He would also start yelling "trick or treat" at about 100 feet from the door. Trust me, they knew what he was after!

In action. With Cpt. Hook, Peter, and Tinkerbell. Wendy was there too, but she was operating her posterity machine. We can fly, we can fly, we can flyyyyy... wait - Wrong set of costumes! Last moments of the evening.

We had a great night Jill and Kevin! Thanks for having us up. Hope Joey feels better! Have fun with those marshmallows...