Thursday, November 26, 2009

Somebody Poisoned the Water Hole!

I hate the term "there's something in the water". Especially regarding pregnancy.
I hated being pregnant. Even before the pregnancies were all complicated and stuff. I hated morning sickness, I hated not being able to eat deli meats and sprouts. I hated not being able to go water skiing. I hated being so durn tired. Then I got huge. Then I got put on bed rest and suffered from kidney stones. Then I had preterm labor. Pregnancy became my worst enemy. Then I gave birth. It was great. 45 minutes from 2cm to baby in my arms. You're jealous right? I would be, if I weren't me. Time went by fast, and at 15 months my baby started sleeping through the night. To celebrate, we unknowingly make baby dos.

And that was another nine months of "ugh, I can't believe this is happening again".

I drink filtered water. I know it's stupid. But that phrase honestly has me scared I'll get pregnant from hydrating.

And we all know hydration is very important.

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Lindsay said...

Don't do it again. I want to tear my stomach off and then sleep for a month. Ugh. Pregnancy BLOWS. Please someone remind me of that when I think I want FOUR kids. Booo.