Sunday, November 22, 2009

That Place is Run by GOOOONS!

Last week Mark and I got word that the Navy is sending him 20,000 leagues under the sea over Turkey Day week.

I was bummed.

One, because I love my husband and I love when he's around. People who feel that way don't want them to be gone over major holidays.

Two, because if those damn goons down in Newport News had their heads on straight - this trip would have happened sometime back in August, September, or October.

Three, and mostly this reason, if we had had more notice, we could have made arrangements for me and the boys to fly back home. I haven't spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family since Mark and I got married. I miss my family and seeing them once every 15 months is too long of a wait. I honestly don't know when I'll see them next.

So for those friends who opened their homes to us so we wouldn't be alone - thanks. We love you too.

On that note, I'm headed down today to spend the week with a mentally ill ging with bush baby eyes and her silver back gorilla. Mr. and Mrs. Wookie - here we come!

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Mrs. Wookie said...

Yes, I understand that Uncle "I Eat The Leftover Pizza" Chad and family take precedence. But I'm happy you're headed this way for some good times.

Oh ya, and did I leave my black work pants at your place back last trip?

I hope, because I haven't seen them around here at all.

And I have your black nurse shoes, btw. Let's work out a switching of possessions.

Crap, you'll be here in 36 hours. I need to CLEAN!