Sunday, November 1, 2009

A "Super" Halloween!

Trick or Treat was the name of the Game.

The players:
Super Mom, Q-boy, X-man, and Rich from the Imagination Movers.
He spent the whole night trailing behind everyone else. He would also start yelling "trick or treat" at about 100 feet from the door. Trust me, they knew what he was after!

In action. With Cpt. Hook, Peter, and Tinkerbell. Wendy was there too, but she was operating her posterity machine. We can fly, we can fly, we can flyyyyy... wait - Wrong set of costumes! Last moments of the evening.

We had a great night Jill and Kevin! Thanks for having us up. Hope Joey feels better! Have fun with those marshmallows...

2 reviews:

McDorky said...

So cute! Halloween would be so much better with kids!

Rochelle said...

I love the family pic!!! :)