Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Powers.

*Quick note: I'm still going through Party pics and Punkin' patch pics. Bear with me, I'll get them up soon.

The boys party last weekend was themed "superheros". It was wicked fun. At the party, one of their friends, Bella, informed us that she doesn't have any super powers because she doesn't eat her vegetables. It was funny - and a pretty creative idea on her parents' part.

For those who have had the wonderful experience of eating a meal with Braxton, you know that he doesn't actually eat. Well, he does - if it's white. Noodles, bread, yogurt, cereal... etc.
Except lately. He's at least taken bites of everything, and eaten entire servings of a few others. It's been huge in our house. Like the "Potty on the toilet" dance in "Look Who's talking Too" kind of huge. We're considering erecting a monument dedicated to this breakthrough.

Anyway, Most days I have to wake Braxton up in order to get him ready for school. Thursday was no exception. Well, there was an exception. The first words out of his mouth weren't "i'm hungry". He lifted his hand up and looked at it for a second before starting to look very confused. Then, a lightbulb went off and he looked at me and said, "mom, I've been eating sooo good lately, my hand is getting superpowers!". Now, I'm just going to assume here, that he slept on his hand and it fell asleep. Apparently his superhero oriented brain assumed he was getting his superpowers in, because he had been eating well.

I'm soooo not dissuading him of that notion. I'll run over anybody who tries.

It was pretty funny though. Especially, since just a couple of days before hand, I read this.

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~noushie said...

Your kids are so cute! They look really happy! I bet you are proud of them. I always wished I could have a son! God Bless :)