Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Stay at Home Mom...

In need of a Nanny. Or a gramma close by would work. Unfortunately I have neither. And I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed.

My to do list: (and I'm pretty sure it all needed to be done about weeks ago...)

1. Get the thank you cards out for the boys' birthday party. The party was on the 7th. I worked on them immediately - but the plans I had for them included a photo printer, who I found out has gone out of business {thank you sucky economy} and I have yet to find another. I'm going to have to settle for Costco or Target. I'm pretty sure three weeks past the date is a faux pas...

2. Blog the boys' birthday party.

3. Blog the pumpkin Smash

4. File a law suit. Without a lawyer. I have no clue what I'm doing... oi.

5. Take Mark's clothes to the dry cleaner.

6. Work on a quilt that should have been done in August...

7. Take a family photo.
7b. Use said photo to make Christmas cards
7c. Send said Christmas cards to all loved ones.

8. Finish Christmas shopping.
*Uncle Sneaky, Aunt Bop, Daddy, Pa Hat, Aunt Kelley, please send me your lists. I do not need to tax my brain anymore than necessary!

9. Send Christmas gifts out - in time to arrive by Dec. 24, as nothing is delivered on the 25th.

10. Make sure I am up early enough to get Santa Train tickets tomorrow morning. The boys are not going to want to miss this!

All this, is on top of chauffering around the kids and husband. Cleaning the house, cooking food, keeping the boys from killing themselves/eachother, and loving them. (ok, so that last one is pretty stinkin' easy to do!)

December 29th has never looked so good!

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Mrs. Wookie said...

And my word confirmation: capers.

Pretty sure those are real.

Lindsay said...

Uh. . .what's the lawsuit for???? You do know my brother Chad is a lawyer, right?? And he LOVES giving free legal advice. I call him all the time. :) And I actually know a lot of lawyers around here so if you need help with any advice, let me know. I have no problem asking people. And Chad would be happy to help where he can! E-mail me.