Saturday, November 28, 2009

Operation: Sea Trials.

As I've mentioned before, Mark had to go underway over Turkey day week. Not awesome. But, Mr. and Mrs. Wookie decided to let us come crash their pad for the week. Pretty nice of them considering I come with two trolls in tow - everywhere.

Sunday we drove down, and after we arrived Mark got word that the boat was good to go for Sea Trials. Yay! Almost.
We're in bed, almost asleep when I hear that lame-o ring on his phone go off. Something on the boat broke. (Of course it did... what else did you expect?)
He tells me that I may or may not hear from him Monday night. That was the first time I've ever NOT wanted him to call. He didn't. So, on went our vacation.

After breakfast at the Embassy Suites (yay, free food!!!!), two hours driving the circle that is 64/264 during naptime, an unsuccessful trip to the beach, a break-dancing competition in an Ihop, and an hour and a half perusing the wonderousness that is Target - we finally got the green light to show up on the doorstep of Mr. and Mrs. Wookie. Aunt Bop and Uncle Wookie to us. Remember the bit about free food? Well, this was Kenny's breakfast of choice. Fruitloops, cantaloupe, and scrambled eggs, all doused in milk. He ate it all. Pre-break dancing in the Ihop creamer pyramid. Another enginerd on our hands? Possibly.
Upon showing up to the Abode de Wookie, we then learned the art of video-gaming. The perfect homework procrastination machine...
The next night Uncle Wookie made the boys work for their stay.
Wednesday, we hit up the Nauticus. A hugeoid museum devoted to pirates, the Navy, an old battleship. Braxton on the periscope. I really couldn't tell you why he looks so frightened...Then we jumped in a drop of blood. Sounds gross right? The childrens exhibit (or rather one of them) was about cells. This was a giant way to show the different cells that make up a drop of blood. I actually think Braxton learned something here... maybe. Then we played with a giant magnifying glass. Hilarity ensued. Gross right? What kid wants to watch deadly diseases grown to larger than their head? Mine did. Three times.
Look at the camera means "do anything but". Yes, I do love when my kids get stuck in portions of children's exhibits. I do take pictures. I think it's hilarious.Kieran, channeling his inner missile. Because what else would I have them stick their head through? A SWO? I think not...
Yes, we bought our tickets to the gun show. USS Wisconsin.

Then we called it a night with some tv on the wall. (They have a projector, instead of a tv.)

Braxton: "Mom, how did you get the DVD into the wall?"

Me: "I'm magic."

Braxton: "Oh, wow. That's awesome."

Next Stop: Thanksgiving in Norfolk.

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