Monday, November 9, 2009

Fungus Stuffed with Mold.

I'm sure you were all scratching your head over that one in the last post. Or you weren't. Whatever.

Tuesday nights are nights mark gets home "early". By early, I mean 6:30 pm. I planned on making quite the meal and got started on it at about 5:45.

Then I got a phone call, about two minutes later. It was Mark. Saying his train was delayed.
This is not an uncommon occurrence. 15 minutes - who cares?

I continued making the appetizer. (I told you, I had big plans for this meal!)

Once I got the appetizer in the oven, I checked the VRE website.

A little pop up appeared on the site saying; Kiss that delicous dinner goodbye, you're husband isn't coming home until tomorrow. Ok, what it really said was "Train *** is delayed by 81 minutes". My version was just more descriptive. Because, you see, the 81 minutes were just the minutes he was parked up at the station in DC. That didn't include his 45 minute ride home, and the 15ish minutes it takes him to drive here.

Now, why did I tell you all of this? And what in the H - E - Double hockey sticks does it have to do with the title?

Because the appetizer that I was so lovingly preparing was this:

Brie stuffed mushrooms. Or, Fungus stuffed with Mold - and then covered in weeds.

So easy to make. Even more delicious. The Pioneer Woman gave me the recipe. Because let's face it. I'll never be Ree Drummond, or as fabulous. But I try.

I ate the whole thing. All. By. Myself. That delicous meal I had planned for Mark? Not so much. Poor guy got grilled cheese and canned soup.

You wish you were my mouth last Tuesday. Just not my thighs.

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