Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is "Fashionisto" a word?

Google Chrome's red jagged line of spelling judgement tells me no.


Yesterday morning I put on my "Cap'n Jack" boots.  When I stood up I was facing the B-rox who had this declaration:

"Mom, you look great.  Those boots make that outfit so stylish!  I bet all my friends wish they had stylish moms!"

It was a pretty good ego-boost.

After school, he changed into jammies and made his way downstairs:

"Who's stylish now?"
That's my son.  The surfer, pirate, rockstar, fashionisto.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Simba, King Louie and some other funny guys.

My cousin came into town with her two girls and hubs for the weekend.

The first day was supposed to be the "usual" sights of monuments, etc.  20+mph winds put the kabosh on that.
So we museumed it up.  No pics.

But the next day, we bundled up and hit the zoo.

Simba's mommy

Simba and his daddy Mufasa.
With a little Gene Simmons action.

Got to the right side of the pen at the right time.

*I wanna be like yououou*
 Awesome thing about the National Zoo?  The Orang's climb on ropes suspended throughout the zoo.
Also, China let us keep Xian Xian.  Yes, there was a big Washington meeting over this...
He was purposely not smiling at me.
He's kind of turd like that.

B-rox, pretty sure that behind the bar is close enough...
(In the enclosure was a gharial.  Look it up.
Freaky ace animal.)
 In the reptile exhibit, B-rox succeeded in blowing pretty much everybody's mindhole with this tidbit:
"Mom, that isn't a turtle.  It's a tortoise, because it has feet not flippers.  Turtles have flippers."

Seriously handsome family.
(And the lady in the background with the girl on her head is my cousin, Susan - and her daughter Mariana.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is VERY Urgent. Please Help.

I am faced with a major dilemma.

Which shoes do I want?


Pink Glitter

Yellow canvas

Ok, so Toms is a pretty awesome charity.  Their motto and mission is "One for One".
Buy a pair of shoes and they'll send one to a child in need.  It's pretty awesome.  Which is why Hubband and I are willing to pay a little more than we normally would for a pair of flats - that aren't on sale.
Plus, they're totally cute.

So, I'd like some input.  I've been given the "wallety" blessing to buy a pair of shoes after our return has been deposited.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Ging with the Bush Baby Eyes.

Hubband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.  
I pretty much tell him I love him everyday.  Spending money only pisses him off.  Therefore, no VD celebrations for us.  hehe. 

I do, however, let my other soul mate know how much she means to me.  
And she reciprocates.  

This is how I know my bestest is the bestest bestest: 

I send her packages that would put Elton John's costumes to shame.
She sends packages that are funnier than Jeff Dunham.
It's a thing.

This is how I know she's my solemate.
I know, lame joke.  

I don't want her to leave me for a better looking
short person! 

I sent her this card.
She sent the same one.
"What, don't you have a vase?"

Aaaand putting it to good use.  
Miss you mucho, too.  Mi amiga.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Questions and Answers.

Maybe not the answers you want...

Today is Friday and in an attempt to get my life back to "normal" I'm going to jump back on the Milspouse Friday fill-in wagon.
I even looked at the questions yesterday to think about my answers!  
So, here we go!

 1. What is your favorite MilSpouse blog (not including Wife of a Sailor who we all love, or your own)? submitted by Our Crazy Life:

Uhm... this is like asking me which shoe is my favorite.  Or which son is the handsomest.  
It depends on what kind of walking/standing I'm going to be doing, or who has the most peanut butter smeared on their face.  
(Still going with the metaphors above.  Keep up.) 

I don't know.  If I follow you, I lurve you.  If I don't follow you, I probably haven't found you yet. 
*Cue Michael Buble*

2. What are your favorite perks about your s/o being deployed (we all know there are perks)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife:

Uhm... No eye rolling when I Gleek out, Or watch my trashy TV (ie: Teen mom - 1 and 2)
My house is clean.  I spend the first evening he's gone cleaning everything up - and it stays that way until 4.293 seconds after he comes home.
Also, I can eat "no meat" dinners and not hear a word of complaint.  

3. How long did you date your before getting engaged? Married? submitted by Utterly Chaotic:

We dated for one and a half years before getting engaged.  9 days after getting "engaged" we were married. 
We've now been married for 5.5 years.   Together for 7+ years now.  

4. What do you think your would do if s/he wasn’t in the military? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared:

He would do more black ops for nerds.  Just not for the Navy.  A government lab, most likely.  
He'd still speak of "rods" and "reactors" - and it wouldn't be dirty at all.  At least not when talking about work... 

5. If you could talk to the Secretary of (fill in your appropriate branch) what is one suggestion you would like to bring to their attention in order to improve the lives of military families?  submitted by My Life as His (Air Force) Wife:

If I could talk to the SecNav... Hmmm...

My two issues with being a milspouse are these:

1.  Families don't come first.  Despite what they say.  And I know that the job is bigger than the "small" picture of a family of five and can appreciate that fact.  (Read, deyployments - workups... ya know) 
But sometimes, the S/O's need to be able to take care of their family.  Me getting sick is one of the things that stresses me out the most.  If I'm out, the ship starts sinking.  Sometimes I need help - and he often isn't able to do so.  

2. Getting things done (medical care, paperwork for DEERS, etc.) seems to be a battle every single time. 
Why is it so difficult to get paperwork moved through, on time and without hassle?  Why is it that when my kid is sick - it's so dang difficult to get him care?
It's frustrating, time consuming, and frankly I'd rather take my kids to the park - than stick them down with playdough while I call this person or that, trying to get things sorted out. 

Now I don't have answers as to how to fix it.  I wish I did.  Because I'm pretty sure those are issues that I'm not alone in.  

[Lindsay - rock on cousin.  You nailed it.    For me I can tell the difference.  But I couldn't decide if that was because I was Mom, or because they don't look a like at all.  But I also thought they looked totally a like.  *Confusion in my brain ensued*
Missy... noooo.  No soup for you.  
A, B, E - Kenny.
C, H, I - Baby H
D, F, G - B-Rox.  
Apparently Kenny isn't such an odd man out.  :)]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Name That Babay!

And win a prize.
Of knowing you rock.  At identifying my children.... 







Or, it's all in my head and they don't look a like at all...  You tell me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 weeks, 2 months, 62 days.

Which happens to be the baby equivalent of "tomato/tomahto".

I've met a mother of a 6 month old who was still telling me how many days old her baby is.  In my head that means she's having a really hard time realizing her kid is growing up.  Which is what they do.  It's also really hard to do that math... 
I, personally, use days until two weeks.  Weeks until 8 weeks and then it's monthly increments.  Easy math, people, easy math...

Anyway, here's the two month update for Zore, Baby H, Toy, or Mr. Wigglebottom.  Just depends on who's trying to get a hold of him.

On Monday, February 14th, 2011:
24" Long
(95th percentile)

Head: 40cm
(80th percentile)

12lbs 4oz
(55th percentile)
His "fuzz" is coming in gingy.  I think that's awesome.
He smiles.
He giggles.
He is starting to coo and babble a bit.
He rolls over.  (Unfortunately he's been doing this for about a month.  This does not bode well for keeping him a blob for as long as I'd like.)
He appears to be following his big brothers in the "early teething" club.  His drool quotient is way up, and we're only a month out from when the B-rox and Kenny both popped their first teeth.  Yay...
He is absolutely a momma's boy.  When Mark comes home I like to try and hand him over.  Try being the operative word there.  If I get out of nose-shot, he fuh-reaks.  Thankfully, the Ergo is like magic.  
Hubband likes it when I cook dinner...

But please ignore my ridiculous voice. 
I hate the way I sound.  I'm not sure why people actually talk to me. 

Milk vs. Orange Juice - The Showdown.

The boys are still pretty mystified by the whole nursing process.  Being only 5 and 3, I can't really explain it to them better than "God made mommies make milk to feed babies".
So, they're on a quest to figure out how it all works.

Today's conversation:

[Kenny brings me an orange]

K: Mom, I want you to eat this.
Me: Why????
K: Because I'm thirsty.
Me: ... So... how will me eating it make you un-thirsty?
K: Because I want some orange juice
Me:  Uhm...
K: If you eat an orange, you can pump some orange juice out for me.  I don't want milk.
Me: Kenny, honey, I can't make orange juice.  Even if I eat that orange.
Kenny: You're so lame, mom.
[walks away, then comes back a few minutes later]
K: How am I going to get orange juice if you can't pump it out of your boobs?
Me: We'll put it on the list and go to the store to get some.
K:  You're so lame, again, mom.  I want orange juice today!

That's me.  Lame mom.  Because my lady friends only make milk.  It is, apparently, a serious flaw to my 3 year old... 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Blogger,

Quit being a douche-canoe and posting things before they're scheduled to.



After 9 months of none.
After 6 weeks without.

This is where you'll find me this Friday evening.
This is what I'll be enjoying.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


He does it now.

This was taken three weeks ago.  His teacher has now moved him up a step in his books.  I can't keep up with his progression.

Also, enjoy His Royal Pirateness digging for gold...
I took four clips of him reading, and not a single one of  them escaped without it!  
Maybe I'll try again tonight.  

Vomitus Uploadus.

Don't worry.  I'm not actually going to talk about vomit.  That much...

I just uploaded about a million bajillion pictures from my phone into the computer and am now going to abso-frickin-lutely make your day by posting them.

(Well, actually - I'm doing it so the next time the Blog-2-print groupon rolls around it's in there and I can make my books.)

I didn't post yesterday because I spent the night before last up with el nino.  No, not the weather pattern.  Sorry Mr. Gore.  
[Sidenote - worst last name, ever.  Unless you're a producer of horror movies.] 
Baby H seemed to be recovering from RSV, but as the pediatrician warned - it's come back.  So, he's all phlegmy [phlegmy is a better last name than gore. IMO] and has had difficulty sleeping/eating/living anywhere that isn't in my arms.  It's awesome, you know why?  Because he's still the easiest of my three babies.  No joke.

Anyway, I scored a little more sleep last night and am back to bidnezz.

Here are the pics:
Starting waaaaay back.  Hopefully there are no repeats from previous posts...

Yes.  They are that cool.  

I truly hate how I look in this picture.
Giganticus pregnantus, tired, and bleh.
But, I loved this moment with Kenny.
He was so desperate to cuddle, that once he found a spot
he konked out.  

I couldn't resist, and had to flirt back.

Yes, I did get a "talk to the hands" moment.
Such a diva (divo?)! 

"Optimus Prime is doing a high kick!  He's totally in karate!"
Contender for weirdest 'emo' shot ever... 

We don't need to get a real bulldog - we already have one! 

Go Beavers.
Notice the jammy pants in the background?

He's pretty intent on thwarting the pasi - and is more and more intent on his thumb.

Size 3t pj's.
 Roll up the cuffs - and they're a perfect fit everywhere else.
Tummy time... 

We have lived in this house for 1.5 years.
We are just putting pictures on the wall.
My mom and I figure it's like the carpenter whose house is never finished... 

Cutest trend in our house -
The boys wearing mommy/daddy's t-shirts to bed.  

When three year olds pack their lunch:
Protien? Check.
Fruit? Double check.
Drink? Check
1 lb of animal crackers? Check.

Kenny and friend Brody moving a leaf pile from one spot to another -
five feet away.
Ahh, to be three again.

The laundry supervisory management position has been filled. 

Bubbles bubbles bubbles.
My Bubbles! 

Right before bed:
Kenny: "you must read me all these books before you can go upstairs!"

Some moments make me go
Like this one.
Story time.  With all four boys.

Kenny and I built a "wicked awesome hospital.  Where polar bears have 4 hands to shoot the guns better!"
Also, elephants drive the ambulances.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

Buckle Your Seatbelts!

I know I've been all whiny "I don't get sleep", "I'm tired", "sleeeeep - om nom nom nom".   Eventually my brain will adjust to no sleep, and you'll all start paying attention to the awesome, wise, insightful things I say here on this blog.
Or not...

Alright.  Some gems.   All of it pure randomness.  All of it, hopefully, entertaining.

*Last week, while picking up the B-rox, I forgot to buckle Kenny's seatbelt on the way home.
This is the FIRST time that's ever happened.  And I cried over my irresponsibility.  I know how it happened and it will never happen again.  Please don't call CPS on me.  
I decided to tell Hubband about it and the conversation went like this:
Me: I made a pretty big boo-boo today.
Hubband:  Oh yeah? What?
Me: Kenny - what did Mommy forget to do today?
Kenny: Uhmmmmmmm.... Poke me.


Me: What?  I forgot to poke you?
Kenny: Yes.
Me: Ooook... well what else did I forget to do?
Kenny:  Oh yeah, you forgot to buckle my seatbelt!

Poke him??? Poke him?  He said that like I make it a daily habit to poke him!  WTH?   

*The boys are pretty interested in boobs.  I figured it was inevitable, because I knew they'd be watching me nurse Baby H.  Boobs and poop.  Pretty "male" things to think about.  At least, from what I understand of men.  Which, after living with so many - for so long, is actually pretty limited.

The other day at breakfast:
Kenny:  Momm, Momm! MOOMM!
Me: Yes?
Kenny:  When I was a girl, I had BIG boobs!

Hooookay.  I actually had to concentrate on catching my breath after that.  So random, so funny, and said so earnestly.  Love that little boy.

*B-rox calls Baby H "Mr. Wigglebottom".  His reasoning?  H wiggles his bottom while he's getting his diaper changed.
Kieran still calls him "toy".
Both of them are currently working through some jealousy issues with him.  The other day Baby H was napping in his swing *oh, so peacefully*, when I hear some maniacal giggling.
I look over and see the boys standing on either side of the swing with their pointer fingers out.  As the swing made it's arc, each finger was just close enough to poke him in the face.

*It's now bath time.  Which, I hate.  Unless it's my bath time.  Which I love.

Germans, The Superbowl, and a Little Catch.

Some random thoughts.  I truly can't put a real blog post together on so little sleep.  So, until Baby H gets his stuff together, you have to deal with what it's really like inside my head.

*Holden cries in German.  No, seriously. "Nein, Nein, Nein!" is what we hear if we don't attend to his needs right away.  And by "we" I mean me.  And by "his needs" I mean pop a boob in his face.  
His accent is pretty impeccable...  One of these days here very soon, I'll capture it on video.  It's funny stuff.

*Last night was the superbowl.  Making an appearance was a beaver.  He saved a man's life.
Proving, Beavers rule.
It was, by far, my favorite add of the night.
Also making the list of awesome commercials:
This creepster.
This Cutie.
And this parody. 
(Which, if you don't already know, is taken from this oldie)

*Yesterday we went to Costco.  My favorite purchase?  Snapware.  I officially feel about 40.  Seriously, snapware?
Well, that and the buffalo chicken meatballs, that we turned into dinner last night.  It took a lot of will power to not eat more for breakfast.  It's a darn good thing granola and yogurt is so durn tasty.  

*After weeks of a "Glee" drought, an episode was set to air post-super bowl.
I watched it this morning.  It was, in my opinion, one of the best yet.  

*Something infected all three of my children yesterday. Something like, the "28 Days Later" virus.  They were insane.  We put them to bed at 6 o'clock.  6pm. 1800 hours.  Seriously early, folks.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  Even the baby was insane!  SOOO fussy.  I'd make a Hitler joke, but it seems a little out of line...

*I live in pajama/yoga pants whenever I'm at home.  Seriously, what is the point of wearing your jeans all day - when you can sit around in pj or yoga pants?  Is this weird? 

*I started running again.  It's harder to be consistent with it right now than I assumed, as at 5am I've usually been up for half an hour nursing.  Not just sliding down beneath the sheets for another hour takes a monster amount of willpower.  Which is really hard to have on no sleep.
However, my first run back wasn't half bad 2.5 miles in 27 minutes.  If I can keep this up, and improve - my goal of a sub 2hr half should be pretty easy.

*Mark and I tackled the filing system Saturday night.  It took us from Saturday evening to late Sunday afternoon to get it all sorted.  I found about 30 old cards I'll be sending off to St. Judes Ranch.
 I also believe I'll be buying most of the cards I send out from them.  Look into it - if you've ever wondered what to do with all the cards you receive throughout the year.  It's a pretty easy way to be charitable. 

*Oh, and be prepared for many posts this week.  I've got quite a bit to catch up on.   Mostly random.  Stuff no one really cares about.  But, I really like to hear myself blog.
Hear myself blog.
Yes, I really did just say that. 
Naptime much?