Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Simba, King Louie and some other funny guys.

My cousin came into town with her two girls and hubs for the weekend.

The first day was supposed to be the "usual" sights of monuments, etc.  20+mph winds put the kabosh on that.
So we museumed it up.  No pics.

But the next day, we bundled up and hit the zoo.

Simba's mommy

Simba and his daddy Mufasa.
With a little Gene Simmons action.

Got to the right side of the pen at the right time.

*I wanna be like yououou*
 Awesome thing about the National Zoo?  The Orang's climb on ropes suspended throughout the zoo.
Also, China let us keep Xian Xian.  Yes, there was a big Washington meeting over this...
He was purposely not smiling at me.
He's kind of turd like that.

B-rox, pretty sure that behind the bar is close enough...
(In the enclosure was a gharial.  Look it up.
Freaky ace animal.)
 In the reptile exhibit, B-rox succeeded in blowing pretty much everybody's mindhole with this tidbit:
"Mom, that isn't a turtle.  It's a tortoise, because it has feet not flippers.  Turtles have flippers."

Seriously handsome family.
(And the lady in the background with the girl on her head is my cousin, Susan - and her daughter Mariana.)

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Rochelle said...

Great pictures :) Lovin' the ergo action!