Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is VERY Urgent. Please Help.

I am faced with a major dilemma.

Which shoes do I want?


Pink Glitter

Yellow canvas

Ok, so Toms is a pretty awesome charity.  Their motto and mission is "One for One".
Buy a pair of shoes and they'll send one to a child in need.  It's pretty awesome.  Which is why Hubband and I are willing to pay a little more than we normally would for a pair of flats - that aren't on sale.
Plus, they're totally cute.

So, I'd like some input.  I've been given the "wallety" blessing to buy a pair of shoes after our return has been deposited.

8 reviews:

Karen said...


Anonymous said...

The yellow canvas reminds me of your favorite color - orange, but the pink glitter is totally girly!

Anonymous said...

Here's another vote for "Zebra." :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote zebra - m. perkins

Hayley said...

I have to say... I LOVE my glitters. Doooo it!

Rochelle said...

I vote zebra!

Mrs. Wookie said...

Hay would love glitter!

I vote for Zebra (pronounced like Bear Grylls). The yellow canvas is one of 2 cardinal sin colors.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Zebra. But you could try the Honey three children would get shoes approach . . . Mrs. Frizzle