Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vomitus Uploadus.

Don't worry.  I'm not actually going to talk about vomit.  That much...

I just uploaded about a million bajillion pictures from my phone into the computer and am now going to abso-frickin-lutely make your day by posting them.

(Well, actually - I'm doing it so the next time the Blog-2-print groupon rolls around it's in there and I can make my books.)

I didn't post yesterday because I spent the night before last up with el nino.  No, not the weather pattern.  Sorry Mr. Gore.  
[Sidenote - worst last name, ever.  Unless you're a producer of horror movies.] 
Baby H seemed to be recovering from RSV, but as the pediatrician warned - it's come back.  So, he's all phlegmy [phlegmy is a better last name than gore. IMO] and has had difficulty sleeping/eating/living anywhere that isn't in my arms.  It's awesome, you know why?  Because he's still the easiest of my three babies.  No joke.

Anyway, I scored a little more sleep last night and am back to bidnezz.

Here are the pics:
Starting waaaaay back.  Hopefully there are no repeats from previous posts...

Yes.  They are that cool.  

I truly hate how I look in this picture.
Giganticus pregnantus, tired, and bleh.
But, I loved this moment with Kenny.
He was so desperate to cuddle, that once he found a spot
he konked out.  

I couldn't resist, and had to flirt back.

Yes, I did get a "talk to the hands" moment.
Such a diva (divo?)! 

"Optimus Prime is doing a high kick!  He's totally in karate!"
Contender for weirdest 'emo' shot ever... 

We don't need to get a real bulldog - we already have one! 

Go Beavers.
Notice the jammy pants in the background?

He's pretty intent on thwarting the pasi - and is more and more intent on his thumb.

Size 3t pj's.
 Roll up the cuffs - and they're a perfect fit everywhere else.
Tummy time... 

We have lived in this house for 1.5 years.
We are just putting pictures on the wall.
My mom and I figure it's like the carpenter whose house is never finished... 

Cutest trend in our house -
The boys wearing mommy/daddy's t-shirts to bed.  

When three year olds pack their lunch:
Protien? Check.
Fruit? Double check.
Drink? Check
1 lb of animal crackers? Check.

Kenny and friend Brody moving a leaf pile from one spot to another -
five feet away.
Ahh, to be three again.

The laundry supervisory management position has been filled. 

Bubbles bubbles bubbles.
My Bubbles! 

Right before bed:
Kenny: "you must read me all these books before you can go upstairs!"

Some moments make me go
Like this one.
Story time.  With all four boys.

Kenny and I built a "wicked awesome hospital.  Where polar bears have 4 hands to shoot the guns better!"
Also, elephants drive the ambulances.  

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