Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 weeks, 2 months, 62 days.

Which happens to be the baby equivalent of "tomato/tomahto".

I've met a mother of a 6 month old who was still telling me how many days old her baby is.  In my head that means she's having a really hard time realizing her kid is growing up.  Which is what they do.  It's also really hard to do that math... 
I, personally, use days until two weeks.  Weeks until 8 weeks and then it's monthly increments.  Easy math, people, easy math...

Anyway, here's the two month update for Zore, Baby H, Toy, or Mr. Wigglebottom.  Just depends on who's trying to get a hold of him.

On Monday, February 14th, 2011:
24" Long
(95th percentile)

Head: 40cm
(80th percentile)

12lbs 4oz
(55th percentile)
His "fuzz" is coming in gingy.  I think that's awesome.
He smiles.
He giggles.
He is starting to coo and babble a bit.
He rolls over.  (Unfortunately he's been doing this for about a month.  This does not bode well for keeping him a blob for as long as I'd like.)
He appears to be following his big brothers in the "early teething" club.  His drool quotient is way up, and we're only a month out from when the B-rox and Kenny both popped their first teeth.  Yay...
He is absolutely a momma's boy.  When Mark comes home I like to try and hand him over.  Try being the operative word there.  If I get out of nose-shot, he fuh-reaks.  Thankfully, the Ergo is like magic.  
Hubband likes it when I cook dinner...

But please ignore my ridiculous voice. 
I hate the way I sound.  I'm not sure why people actually talk to me. 

3 reviews:

Missy said...

I was just able to catch up on your blog, yay! Wow he is a cutie! And you're right I do see a lot of Braxton in him. Lol

Rochelle said...

SO cute! Is he starting to look a bit like K?

Summer said...

OH. My. GAWD. So cute. I love babiez!!!! Also, I hate when people do the whole, My son is 180 days old thing. Or the, My daughter is 30 months old. Really. Also, once we were at BabiesRus and there was a rack of onesies big enough to fit my then 6 year old. NOOOO.