Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Milk vs. Orange Juice - The Showdown.

The boys are still pretty mystified by the whole nursing process.  Being only 5 and 3, I can't really explain it to them better than "God made mommies make milk to feed babies".
So, they're on a quest to figure out how it all works.

Today's conversation:

[Kenny brings me an orange]

K: Mom, I want you to eat this.
Me: Why????
K: Because I'm thirsty.
Me: ... So... how will me eating it make you un-thirsty?
K: Because I want some orange juice
Me:  Uhm...
K: If you eat an orange, you can pump some orange juice out for me.  I don't want milk.
Me: Kenny, honey, I can't make orange juice.  Even if I eat that orange.
Kenny: You're so lame, mom.
[walks away, then comes back a few minutes later]
K: How am I going to get orange juice if you can't pump it out of your boobs?
Me: We'll put it on the list and go to the store to get some.
K:  You're so lame, again, mom.  I want orange juice today!

That's me.  Lame mom.  Because my lady friends only make milk.  It is, apparently, a serious flaw to my 3 year old... 

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Rochelle said...

Baahahahahaha. Sorry.