Monday, February 7, 2011

Buckle Your Seatbelts!

I know I've been all whiny "I don't get sleep", "I'm tired", "sleeeeep - om nom nom nom".   Eventually my brain will adjust to no sleep, and you'll all start paying attention to the awesome, wise, insightful things I say here on this blog.
Or not...

Alright.  Some gems.   All of it pure randomness.  All of it, hopefully, entertaining.

*Last week, while picking up the B-rox, I forgot to buckle Kenny's seatbelt on the way home.
This is the FIRST time that's ever happened.  And I cried over my irresponsibility.  I know how it happened and it will never happen again.  Please don't call CPS on me.  
I decided to tell Hubband about it and the conversation went like this:
Me: I made a pretty big boo-boo today.
Hubband:  Oh yeah? What?
Me: Kenny - what did Mommy forget to do today?
Kenny: Uhmmmmmmm.... Poke me.


Me: What?  I forgot to poke you?
Kenny: Yes.
Me: Ooook... well what else did I forget to do?
Kenny:  Oh yeah, you forgot to buckle my seatbelt!

Poke him??? Poke him?  He said that like I make it a daily habit to poke him!  WTH?   

*The boys are pretty interested in boobs.  I figured it was inevitable, because I knew they'd be watching me nurse Baby H.  Boobs and poop.  Pretty "male" things to think about.  At least, from what I understand of men.  Which, after living with so many - for so long, is actually pretty limited.

The other day at breakfast:
Kenny:  Momm, Momm! MOOMM!
Me: Yes?
Kenny:  When I was a girl, I had BIG boobs!

Hooookay.  I actually had to concentrate on catching my breath after that.  So random, so funny, and said so earnestly.  Love that little boy.

*B-rox calls Baby H "Mr. Wigglebottom".  His reasoning?  H wiggles his bottom while he's getting his diaper changed.
Kieran still calls him "toy".
Both of them are currently working through some jealousy issues with him.  The other day Baby H was napping in his swing *oh, so peacefully*, when I hear some maniacal giggling.
I look over and see the boys standing on either side of the swing with their pointer fingers out.  As the swing made it's arc, each finger was just close enough to poke him in the face.

*It's now bath time.  Which, I hate.  Unless it's my bath time.  Which I love.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smiles Sarah, hopefulyy you'll get soem sleep soon. In the meantime, may I suggest Starbucks?

Rochelle said...

Boobs and poop. Haha.