Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where the EFF is Spring??????

Seriously, we went from frigid - to mild spring temps - to hot as hell "summer's here" Virginia weather.
I mean - who busts out the kiddie pool at the beginning in April? Not people in Bend. That's fer durn shore.
But, friend Missy did. And we were ever, ever so thankful. 95 degrees, and 90% humidity.
No bueno, when the pools don't open for another month and a half.

Lawn chair forts. Brings back memories, doesn't it?
Kieran, facing his irrational fear of snakes. I threw the rubber one in the pool not thinking about it, and he broke out into hysterics as soon as he saw it. Oi. Note to self: Kieran does NOT like snakes.
"Flippy Flippy" weather.
Ok, get the age range here. Braxton - 4 years 3mos, Kieran - 2years 4 mos, Taylor 1 year 23 mos.
They're ALL the same size. Blows my mind.

How's the weather where you're at?

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Missy said...

I really gotta get her a new bathing suit. That one makes her look so fat LMAO!