Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Blog Hop

So, I got on this bandwagon a few days late. You can thank the petri-dish I call preschool for that one. I have a stockpile of drugs now, and can type most of the things I want to say. With minimal spelling errors! *high five*

Anyway, this is my little bio for the blog hop put on by the Wife at Riding the Roller Coaster. Such a great idea! She's probably gorgeous, too. Some girls just have all the luck...

I'm Mommy McD. As myself, I'm not that interesting. Add my husband, A Naval Reactors Nuclear Engineer and my two trolls, B-rox and Kenny - my life becomes a circus. That's what I write about here. Sometimes, I like to add a little of what's on my mind. On the days that I can find it anyway...

We live in the greater DC area and minus the traffic, smog and living 3,000 miles away from family - we kind of like it. My husband's job here is pretty much classified out the wang, so I'll sum it up by saying he does black-ops for nerds.
We met at Oregon State University, where he volun-told me for swim team. Our meet cute? Not so cute. It went something like this:

Hubband (who wasn't hubband then, he was nerdy boy in glasses): "Hey, Holding! You're a female! Want to join my swim team?"

Me (who was thinner, but didn't have as many shoes): "Gee, thanks for noticing - and no. I don't. Have a nice day."

Later that day:

Gunny (who happened to be a scary SOB): "Hey, Holding! I hear you joined the swim team! Good job, way to be involved."

Me (now, very confused as I was pretty sure I had said no...): "Uhm, I'm pretty sure I said no."

Gunny (remember - scary SOB): "Too late now, you're on the list."

I got all scrunchy faced on hubband the first few workouts - just so that he knew I wasn't happy.
It didn't work. I fell in love (with a boy in a speedo - we're going to last fo-evah folks.) and married him.

Then we had our first son, B-rox. Who is now four, and scaring me with his intellect. His favorite superhero is Thor, because they both have "long, yellow hair".
23 months later, we had our other son, Kenny. Who is now two, and the exact same size as his older brother. His favorite superhero is "Hulk Smash". Probably, because at two - smashing things is fun.

Now, me. I am a stay at home mom, which means I don't stay at home very much. I love to run for fun, and subject my family to torture - otherwise known as sitting in front of the camera.
I was born and raised in Oregon. So, after that statement I'll answer a few questions I know are brimming in your head:
Yes, I love to eat granola.
Yes, I love recycling
Yes, I love the rain
Yes, I love trees
No, I didn't know what smog really was until I moved to the east coast.
No, the "mountains" on the east coast aren't really mountains. They're hills.
Yes, I shave my legs.
Yes, I love shoes.

Alright, you probably, actually, didn't care about those last two...

That's about it for now... If you want to know more, come on back!

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Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! I hope you get a chance to meet some of the other awesome mil spouses on the list. I look forward to reading more about you!

Wife on the Roller Coaster

Mrs. Wookie said...

Hi, OMG, love your blog. Just kidding. Hi friend. Glad you're on here now. I'm still back in the 160's in my trolling effort. Plan on coming up this month. Sometime. After my weekend of relaxation. And damn, today totally felt like Friday. Suck.

Amber said...

Hello lovely! I found you through the milspouse hop. I love finding new military wives!

Your boys are adorable! I've got 4 kids, or "chickens" as I call them, of my own!

My military blog is called, Goodnight moon. Come by so we can be blogging friends:)

Kassandra said...

Where to start? I found you from the blog hop list, a little late, its taken me a while to get to the end. I was chem. ops. spec. with the ARNG and am also 3000 miles from home. I'm from MA (have you seen the moutains in upper New England? Maybe not so big as where you are from but bigger than lower east coast. And that sounds like what I say to people in Texas here! Their "mountains" really are hills, like the ones I used to sled on in the winter.

Hope you come check out my blog too :)

L said...

Hi! I am L from Our Fabulously Crazy Life. Found your blog from the bog hop, can't wait to hear more from you!!

P.S. I'm from Oregon too!!! =)