Sunday, May 9, 2010

I so most definitely stole this from rants from mommyland

I love you, Mom.
I think you rock.
Even if your feet are little,
and don't fit in a normal sock.

It was me and you for many years
You taught me mucho,
and wiped my tears
The best part was you did it with gusto! (horrible rhyme, sue me)

You enabled a strong addiction
The smell of shoes I can't resist
Because of this my marriage sees friction
But never once did you say "desist"

You taught me to cook and clean
amidst much protestation
To sit up straight and not be mean
You'd smack my head without hesitation

Your hugs I miss most often
The love you gave was unwavering
You didn't sleep inside a coffin
I think that's cool. (seriously, nothing rhymes with unwavering)

This poem is horrible
But it's the best I can do
I didn't want to be smorrible
Or all gushy on you.

I love you tons Mom,
and am Thankful everyday
'Cuz you da' bomb
In. Every. Single. Way.

Happy Mother's day. To my Mom, My gramma and My Mother in Law. You are all fabulous ladies, and my life would be much less awesome without you.

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