Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Swine Flu...

I'm not panicked about it - are you? We are taking a few extra-precautions in the hopes that maybe we can skip it. Now that there have been two, scratch that several cases (the sign they posted yesterday with two printed was scratched out and several was written above it... awesome) in Braxton's school, my guess is we're not going to be immune. We'll pray for the best.
Wash your hands folks. Cough/sneeze into your arms and shirts - not your hands. Use a tissue once. Don't lick people. Pretty easy ways to help stop the spread of disease.

In other news, Bikini girl was back at it this morning. Since the weather is cold she's decided to cover up. By cover up, I mean she was wearing jogging shorts and a bikini top today. A red one.
Oh, she brought a friend. A personal trainer - who, thankfully, was dressed appropriately for the gym. I hope maybe this lady helps BG learn a few more things about the gym other than how to do a proper bicep curl or leg lift.

Lately I've been tired. I don't know if I'm just being a weenie about recovering from holes in my spine - or if there is something else going on. It's probably a tumah. Actually, I think it's because my house is messy. I become very unmotivated when my house is a mess. I feel like my house is huge and when it's a mess I don't know where to start and overwhelmed by everthing. I guess it's time to put the kids in a kiddie training class so they can do it.

I was watching "Big Bang Theory" this morning and decided that it would be cool to learn Klingon. I then decided to type that as my facebook status. Thusly, I learned that Klingon is in the iPhone dictionary and self-capitalizes. I also learned from my bro-in-law that Klingon is not very useful. To that I replied that I've studied spanish, french and arabic. Frankly the "useful" languages haven't done me much good since I got knocked up. (Probably because pregnancy brain made me forget most of what I'd learned. That or lack of practice...) Either way, learning to say diaper in Klingon might make the whole changing them ordeal a little more interesting.
Does Rosetta Stone have a Klingon pack?

I don't like people who tell me I won't be complete until I've tried to have a girl. Uhm, hello - it's my uterus. Keep your nose out of it. Yes, random lady from the other day, I'm talking to you. If I decide to have a girl - I'm not risking my husband's Y crazy sperm. I'm going to buy it off of Ebay. (Just joking - obviously that was a lame joke. I think adoption is wonderful and Mark and I still consider the possibility of it. Just not until after I've gone back to school.)

I hate peanut butter. I also love it. It is one of like three protiens Braxton actually eats. When I make PBF sandwiches for him, I glob probably five tbsp. on there. It's good for him - even if I'm barely choking down my gag reflex the whole time I'm spreading it on.

Well, it's time for me to be all Donna Reed on this place and cook dinner. Here's to the hope everyone who reads this today has a fantastic day. (Or a fantastic tomorrow. That would work too.)

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