Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun with the FHC.

So, being in the military has its draw backs. It also has its bonuses. Most people tout the awesomeness of the TriCare system. With the exception that it's free to me and my family I have to say I'm not a fan. Take this little piece of awesomeness I've recently encountered.

Kieran turned 18 mos. on May 21, 2009. I, having figured out the TriCare awesomeness, know to call the Friday six weeks ahead of when I want the appt. I know that that first Friday six weeks out is when they open the new appointments up. So, I dutifully made this appointment and then waited the month and a half until it was time. That morning, my little man and I drove the two and a half miles down the road to the FHC. I hand over my card - tell them it's for Kenny and then proceed to get really confused when the receptionist tells me his appointment has been cancelled.
Now, I know I didn't do that. I called six weeks ahead of time just to get this appt. There is no way in hades I'm giving up my hard won slot! After some sleuthing we discover the doctor he was scheduled with called in sick. So, they send me to the charge nurse so that I can schedule a new appt for him. That wonderful lady takes a second to look at her computer and tells me that the soonest they can fit him in is the beginning of July. Like five weeks out. I tell her that won't work - because he has a shot schedule to keep. She tells me "I'm sorry ma'am - that's the best we can do."
Uhmmmm.... NO.
I took my fired up little (little being a slight exaggeration...) booty over to the patient rep and explained the situation. Emphasizing that I did not cancel the appt. They did. I want an appointment this week. No excuses. So the patient rep. gets me an appt. for that Friday.
Friday we go in and they call Kieran's name. We've officially made it one step farther than on Monday. Except they're not calling him back to take his vitals - they're calling him to inform me that the doctor he's scheduled with is not licensed to see patients under two years of age.
Seriously? WTF???? Who is running this joint? Clowns? AARRRGH!
So, we play another round of "this is the best we can do" "I don't think so" yada yada. Luckily the doctor that he was scheduled with - stepped in on our behalf. I'm ever so grateful. He managed to sneak one of those ultra-secret appointments they leave open until right at the last minute and snagged one for yesterday. Go us.
Tuesday afternoon, Kieran started running a fever. For those who still have young, spry uterine muscles from not bearing kids - I'll let you in on a little secret. They don't give shots to kids who are sick. Something about injecting them with multiple live viruses makes them nervous. But, being the awesome parent that I am, I decided to keep the well visit and surprise them with a sick visit that Wednesday. After the doctor informed me she was worried about strep throat, and did a swab we discussed why the well visit was rescheduled twice. Because - just like in Seinfeld they really, truly keep a record of everything. When I explained what had happened that lovely little jewish doctor took pity and let us nab one of those ultra-secret appts.

Here's to Tuesday. Wish us luck.

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Ashley said...

Okay, I lost it at the clown comment.

Claire said...

That right there is why I switched to Standard. Couldnt stand it