Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission: Pool


Sunday we spent the afternoon at the pool. I definitely think we've waited too long to get to it.
Ok, so we were in the kiddie pool - and B-rox insisted that he wear his life vest...
And because Braxton was, Kieran had to, too.
Maybe it was a good thing.
(Don't worry - Mark was right in front of him. The next picture in fact has Mark's arms reaching in to pick him up. Like a split second later. No worries mates.)

This is where he hung out the rest of pool time. Thank goodness for nice, warm kiddie pools!

We will be frequenting often. Hopefully friends will Join us... (Jill and Joey and Jackson - I'm totally talking about you!)

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Jillyn said...

Oh we are there man! You didn't tell me you got a picture of the face plant! Too classic!