Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventures in Ikea.

First let me tell you about the first part of my day. Which starts the night before... Mark and I got to bed at 10:30. We didn't have any extra cleaning, or organizing and he's on a two week break from school - so no homework. Seriously, a good nights sleep looked SO promising.

It happened. It was beautiful.

Then, I woke up and found PEE everywhere in Kieran's room. The kid can go the distance...
I made a mental note to visit Carters for some one-piece body suit jammies...

Then, we ate breakfast got dressed and ready to be productive humans.

First stop was the bank. The boys got spanish Elmo CD's... weird.

Next stop the Mall. Where I scored multiple jammie outfits, including a pirate one for my matey B-rox. They were both distinctly lacking their normal gimmies. It was divine.

Then home. Because the boys were le tired. I put them to bed sans any whining, crying or sass. It was joyful.

Then I had the not so joyful job of tracking down our couch that was suppposed to arrive last wednesday. Drop off is rescheduled for this wednesday. Cross your fingers people. My booty is getting mighty flat from sitting on the hardwood floors...

Then nap time was over and we went to the park before it was time to pick up daddy. I had to escape the incessant "is it time to go get daddy yet"s that had been happening since after nap. The park was hot...

Then we went and picked up Mark and headed to Ikea. It has been our oasis for furnishing our new home. We sold our old entertainment center and needed a new one. We also had to return some curtain panel runner thingydo's. So we did that then headed out in search of the perfect TV stand. After mucho debate between the husband and I, we settled on one. (Why the debate you ask? I wanted something high and long and he wanted something cheap.) Mark took down the Aisle number and Bin number and off we went. With those stupid- go -every -damn- direction- known -to -man -except- straight -ahead carts. We loaded the 139 lbs of TV stand onto another cart and proceeded through checkout. As I was grabbing the reciept I realized that we didn't check the color of the one we grabbed. We wanted white. We did not grab white. So, back to returns we went. Oi right? So, we get those returned and circle back around (yes, seriously... circle all the way back around the market place) to the self - serve furniture. A little searching on Mark's part and a quick question to an Ikea official on mine and we've found the proper place. AND it's 130 dollars cheaper than the black/brown one we had originally grabbed. Mark did a jig. Really - a jig in the middle of Ikea. We both walked away satisfied. Yay for Ikea. Now they just need to deliver our couch!

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