Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some things...

Just some randoms...

Last night when picking up Mark from the Metro station, Braxton asked if daddy was here yet (for the fifty-seventh million time - just fyi), as I had just seen him walking towards us I answered to the affirmative. Braxton's reply was "Oh, that's good. Daddy is the most important guy because all the money is on his credit cards". Awesome.

I think when you have to type in the word verification to leave a comment on someone's blog, blogger is messing with you because I'm pretty sure those things are words. I always get something that sounds and looks like a real english language word. Does anybody else think this?

I hate moving. I hate unpacking more. I don't currently have a couch in my living room. (I'm undecided between two - and am going to have to pick eeny meeny miney mo here soon...)

I just caught up on SYTYCD and DC. Ahhh, I feel rejuvinated and ready to get some laundry done.

I get to start recycling again. Three bins are headed my way as of June 8. Woohoo, back to my inner Oregonian. Feels nice.

I hate peanut butter.

I wish I had a red-headed, lanky, granola eating hippie to help me with my butt seating decision. (Why I want her I just don't freakin' know - but I do... Love ya bob!)

I hate peanut butter. I say this twice because I've recently come to grips with the fact that my boys eat it and its a good source of protien blah blah blah. But today a door to door salesman rang my doorbell while Kieran was eating his and in the few seconds it took me to smash their nose, he managed to smear it on my file cabinet, windows, the table and all in his hair. I HATE peanut butter.

Am debating on weather or not to get rid of a book collection (paperbacks) that I've been working on since I was 14. Mark wants space on the shelves for "pretty books of substance."

The boys are driving me crazy. They just went upstairs and I hear squealing. This is not good. I must publish and go... wish me luck.

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Ashley said...

a.) I miss you too. We'll see when I can mosey up your way.

b.) I agree with Mark. Shelves of Mary Higgins Clark doesn't tickle my fancy as much as Aztec and Mayan cultural delvings.